Why Are My Feet Always Cold?

One often comes across the phrase of 'getting cold feet'. It is common to experience this sensation prior to an interview, examination or even a date. However, for those people who go through this feeling more often realistically than linguistically; there could be a cause of health concer

My Aching Head

Headaches...we all get them, and they're not much fun. Often our headaches are a result of stress, anxiety, anger, frustration and other negative emotions. A bad day at the office or a confrontation with a spouse or child can lead to an aching head and a general feeling of misery.

Body Language And Its Impact

Human being's personality is projecting his or her image depending upon their posture. It is the body language that reflects the behaviour which finally leads to its outcome. The result is directly proportional to the thinking pattern of an individual. Consequently, it could be a positive or a

Insurance Insurance Feeds

Compare Car Insurance Quotes the Easy Way

Before buying an auto insurance policy, compare the different quotes from different companies You must have auto insurance if you own an automobile. Auto insurance protects you from liability for any bodily injury or property damage caused by your automobile.

Is One Color Better Than Another?

Depending on who you talk to you will get all types of answers to this question. Ask someone if one color is better than another when purchasing a car and see what color they tell you will be the best for you and why they choose that color. Some will say white because it reflects the heat, black and

Your Guide To Taxi Insurance

It has been made mandatory in many countries to purchase taxi insurance before starting a taxi business. Many taxi drivers end up purchasing high priced insurance policies, this is mainly due to lack of proper information on how to purchase taxi insurance for a cheaper rate. In this article I am goi

How to Find Cheap South Carolina Car Insurance Rates

While there is no mandate that all residents of South Carolina must purchase auto insurance there is a law that states that those who choose to go without a South Carolina car insurance policy will be responsible to pay the state $550 every year. Of course, those who choose to go without SC auto ins
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