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Tourism in the Province of Almeria, Andalusia

The touristic village of Almerimar is located in the Province of Almeria, Spain. Almeria is the easternmost province of Andalusia and this region offers a complete tourism package. You can find history, mountains, beaches, desert, wetlands, marinas, golf and an average of 320 days of sunshine a year

Manali Budget Hotels

Manali budget hotels have been established in large numbers to attract more travelers, who want to travel within limited budget, to this tourist's paradise. The budget hotels in Manali provide comfortable accommodation at reasonable rates. ...

Shanghai Tourist

If you nurture a liking for all things Orient, Shanghai is the place for you. An epic city with attraction oozing out of its every nook and cranny, this bustling metropolis of the People's Republic of China is a sight to lo and behold.

How To Plan A Holiday To Barcelona

The city of Barcelona Barcelona is the first stop on the list of holiday destinations in Spain. A cosmopolitan city, filled with tourist attractions, Barcelona can be visited any time of the year. If you ...

Places to Discover at Bali

Bali is an Indonesian island that is well endowed with a rich culture. The whole island covers a footprint of 5,632 square kilometers. With this, the island stretches ninety miles from east to the west and a drive from the north to the south will get you covering about fifty-five miles The beautiful

Barcelona, the Pedestrian City

Cars are a staple of any modern metropolis nowadays. They can take you anywhere, in an often considerably shorter amount of time than public transportation or your own two feet. This is why, especially in ...

Things to Do on Holiday in Slovenia

Slovenia is an up and coming family holiday destination for holiday makers who like to spend their vacations in holiday homes. Slovenia, miniature version of Europe is rightly justified as it is set apart with a desirable geographical positioning between the Mediterranean and Alps. Slovenia has abun

Discover the Three Top Destinations in Philippines

Are you in for the very best vacation for a lifetime? Very best seems expensive but it is not. In fact Philippines, if well planned can be the cheapest destination for a holiday in Asia and you can be assure that cheap as it is you get really the very best in their tour packages as well as accommoda

A Day Trip to London Dungeons

Have you ever wondered who the mysterious killer known as Jack the Ripper really was? Like all old cities, London has its dark side, from Jack the Ripper to the terrible Bubonic Plague and the ...

Panama is a Great Family Vacation Destination

One of the up and coming places to vacation is Panama. With so many different things to see and do, Panama is quickly becoming one of the favorite family vacation destinations. From the Panama Canal to Panama City to rain forests, this place has it all. Nestled between the Caribbean Sea and the Paci