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Video: Stone Wall Photoshop Tutorial

Video Transcript My name is Aaron Kromann, and I'm going to show you how to make a stone wall in Photoshop. Okay. So, I'm going to make a new layer so it don't mess up the background and I'm going to go to filter and make sure you have a black and white currently as your foreground....

How to Control the Speed of Your Internet Connection

If your Internet connection is divided among a number of users on your network, there is a good chance your Internet performance will be crippled due to excessive demand. In such situations, you can use an application that lets you control the upload and download speed of the Internet. These applica

Social Analytics To Better Your Business

Many companies have become aware of the importance of “listening” and customer engagement, and are looking at capitalizing on social media and social analytics. There’s no doubt that social media is hot and growing at a phenomenal rate.

Shiny Wet Pastel Paint Layer Styles

Download free layer styles for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements by Shelby Kate Schmitz. This collection includes shiny wet paint effects in 6 pastel color tones.

How to Share on Facebook With JavaScript

A Facebook "Share" button on your website lets users share your pages with their Facebook friends. Facebook provides you with the code to add the button to your Web pages, so you do not need to create any advanced code. The button links to the Facebook network, but no private information i


Define USD - from the Linux / Unix / Computing glossary at

Do-It-Yourself Domain Names

Creating a unique domain name for your website or blog can be done by using a tool, such as Blogger. You can use a custom domain for your existing blog or purchase a custom domain. This allows you to use features that are included with Blogger or to host your content. Google charges $10 per year for

Digital Scrapbooking: Beyond Holidays and Events

While things may be upsetting in the moment, often we look back on them and laugh. A digital scrapbook album is a collection of memories, and should include the bad with the good, the funny with the sad. But most of all, scrapbook layouts should include the little everyday moments that seem a perman

How To Set Up a Domestic Wireless Modem

Wireless Internet can be found in a variety of public locations, from libraries and schools to airports and cafes. Wireless offers unparalleled mobility in connecting to the Internet. With no wires required, it also offers greater network accessibility than wired Internet. All in all, wireless Inter

How to Add to the Sounds Available in PowerPoint

Adding sounds to Microsoft PowerPoint is an effective way to liven up a presentation and grab the attention of an audience. PowerPoint comes with a range of pre-installed audio clips, including applause and cheers, but you can add to the audio clips available in PowerPoint by embedding audio files f