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How to Slow the Burn Speed of a Mac

With Apple's OS X operating system, you can burn files to a disc directly from within the operating system's Finder window. While setting up the burning process you can adjust the speed at which the computer burns the disc. A slower burn speed results in a better quality burn, while a faster burn sp

How to Copy Multiple HTML Pages Into a Single Word Document

When creating a Web page or compiling a backup copy of the contents of a website, saving the HTML source to a single, organized document can help prevent confusion and data loss. Copying HTML code from a Web browser is easy, and by using page breaks in your Word document, you can divide the HTML con

Computer Repair Technicians

With the advent of the computer technology the world has become a global village, everybody is dependent on the computer in day to day life. This increase in the use of computer has lead to ...

How to Reinstall a WAN Miniport

A WAN Miniport is a networking device that allows you to connect your computer to a Wide Area Network covering broad areas that cross metropolitan, regional or even national boundaries. If you experience issues with your WAN Miniport, you may want to reinstall it on your computer to troubleshoot the

HP Pavilion Features Review

For a thin laptop with all the perks, the HP Pavilion dm4 is the laptop of choice with its excellent performance and wonderful features. One of the best aspects of this laptop is its wonderful ...

How to Wipe a Hard Drive with Windows Vista

The act of wiping all the data off a hard drive is called "formatting" a drive. This can be necessary if you're using a drive with a new computer, or if you just want to wipe it clean and start fresh. The Windows Vista operating system includes a basic utility that makes formatting as simple as clic

SEO Tips For Your Website

Believe it or not but with the help of search engine optimization (SEO) your website can actually make a substantial amount of money for you. SEO will hell help to increase the quality of traffic ...

Use a Mobile Reverse Lookup Directory Online!

Fortunately, if you need to, you can do a reverse search on a mobile number. It is simple to find out who that caller is that miscalled you, you can go online, find a relevant website which caters to

Mozilla Kills Firefox Browser for Windows 8 Metro

Shipping a final version of the Mozilla Firefox browser for the Windows 8 "Metro" environment "would be a mistake," according to a Mozilla vice president, because of the relatively minuscule number of users on the ...

How to Open a Zip Archive on a Mac

The zip file format is a type of compression format that allows you to compress large files into a smaller size so that the files can be sent via email or more easily stored on a disc or other form of storage media. Zip archives can be single zip files or split zip files merged together to make one

How to Troubleshoot a BlackBerry 8330 Curve

Troubleshooting your BlackBerry 8330 Curve helps reduce time you could potentially spend on the phone with your mobile carrier's technical support. You may encounter issues with your data services and applications when using the phone. Data services problems affect your Internet usage, emails and mu

How to Download Photos From a V360

You can download photos from your Motorola V360 to your computer with the use of a USB cable. By enabling mass storage mode on your mobile phone, you can swap data between your phone and computer. When your phone is in mass storage mode, it appears as a disk drive on your computer; this makes it eas