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How to Win a Libra Man's Heart

If you are lucky enough to land a Libra man, you will likely find that he is quite the Casanova, wise in the ways of women. Libras, men born between September 23 and October 22, are known for their mastery of the arts of romance and seduction. However, just because your man may be skilled in making

Positions and Techniques For Amazing Sexual Intercourse

When it comes to sex, most men only think about themselves and never about how best they could satisfy their women. If you fall into this cadre and if you do not have a clue how to handle both together then I am going to tell you about certain position and techniques for an amazing sexual intercours

Hiring Strippers to Have a Good Time

There are some events like parties that could not be complete without having a stripper around as they help to make them exciting for everyone to have a good time. This does not necessarily have to be a party as one can hire the show girls or boys when they are alone and are looking for some fun tim

The Best Female Aphrodisiac Foods to Enhance Your Sex Life

Do you know what the best female aphrodisiac foods are? There are several foods that enhance female libido. All of these foods tend to release chemicals in the female brain and body that increase sexual desire. So if you want to help your lover get in the mood, bring out a feast of these foods:

Preparing for your Date Shouldn't Be Difficult

You may find that every time you start dating a new person you run around the house like a mad person right before each date.Preparing for a date should not be stress inducing.Use these tips to help you prepare in a relaxed way.

The Swift Ways About How To Get A Date

Most men claim to have problems with getting a date. They constantly fumble for words or find the most inappropriate times or things to say/do during the pivotal moment of flirting and getting-to-know-you. What stops most men (and even women) from increasing their chances of finding a good partner i

The Last First Date - Your Frog-Kissing Days Could Be Over!

There are countless dating guides out there, but few are based on temperament. Yet, how many potential relationships never get off the ground, simply because of rookie mistakes on the first date? These hints can help make a good first impression, while gaining a deeper understanding of the other per

Are You Love Sick?

When you are alone for a long time without a partner to share life with, you are bound to get love sick. Being love sick is yearning for love. Just like we long for food, we will feel a void inside, if we do not have love. In the bible it is stated clearly by God that 'it is not good for man to

Attracting Women - Do You Have These 5 Traits?

With thousands of websites, books, DVDs, and live seminars dedicated to attracting and dating women, there is definitely no shortage of information for the guy who is struggling in the dating world. Despite the fact that much of this information is very good, most of it is essentially saying the sa

How Women Can Attract More Men in Bars

In a bar/club, men look for women who are easily approachable. It does not matter if she is the most glamorous, the youngest or the sexiest. Any woman can attract more men to open conversation, simply by making herself more approachable.