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How to Clean Your car

With the busy life that you lead today, you spend more and more time in your car. However, the design of the car is unequipped for such a long period of occupancy. These two factors combine to make for a messy car. If you can learn to properly clean your car, you can make those long hours spent in t

How to Replace the Shocks on a Honda Civic

The Honda Civic, no matter what year or model, retained a base design that makes it easy for the nonmechanic to perform general maintenance. In the long run, this makes the Civic an economically smart car to own. Replacing the shocks on a Civic is a job that can be done in a few hours with a minimum

How to Check a Toshiba Regional Code

The regional code assigned to the DVD drive in your TOSHIBA laptop determines which DVDs the drive can play. TOSHIBA laptops sold in the U.S. have a region code of 1, which enables the DVD drive to play all DVDs that were released in the United States and U.S. terrorities, Canada and Bermuda. Depend

How to Install a Jeep Cover

Installing a Jeep cover is a project that the owner can do while in the field or for winterizing a topless Jeep. This cover is not the soft or hard top that you put on the Jeep for normal use. Rather, it is intended to keep the Jeep out of weather, especially in a pinch. This can be for the sake of

2006 Scion xB Parking Lamp Installation

The 2006 Scion xB's parking lamps are built into the car's front lighting assembly. This lighting assembly also holds the headlights and the car's front turn signals. Because the Scion xB has sufficient room in the engine compartment, it's not necessary to remove the lighting assembly to replace the

How to Rebuild Brake Cylinders

Rebuilding your brake system's leaking wheel cylinders can restore them to factory performance. This a low-cost alternative to a replacement cylinder. Never use a brake cylinder hone on an aluminum wheel cylinder; these parts have an anodized finish to prevent corrosion, which would be damaged durin

How a Kawasaki Hydraulic Pump Works

What is a Kawasaki Hydraulic Pump?Kawasaki hydraulic pumps are fluid-pressure powered devices found on many high-end Kawasaki motorcycles. The type of hydraulic pump is dependent on the pump's purpose. Though there are such things as water-cooled Kawasaki motorcycle engines, these are...

How Do I Repair Radio Antennas on a 2006 Volvo?

A broken antenna on the 2006 Volvo can put a damper on your road trip, especially if you're depending on the radio for traffic and weather reports. The Volvo antenna is built into the rear passenger side of the car. Several simple repairs can be attempted to fix the antenna. The first is to troubles

How to Read Honda Check Engine Codes

The check engine codes on your Honda are generated by the vehicle's electronic control unit, or ECU. The ECU generates and stores these codes until they are retrieved and cleared from the system. When a code is generated, the check engine light on your dash will light up. These codes normally refer

How to Check for Warped Brake Rotors

One of the most vital components of your vehicle's braking system is its rotors. When you apply the brake pedal, you effectively engage a hydraulic system that compresses the vehicle's brake pads against the moving rotor. The resulting pressure and friction help slow the momentum of the vehicle. Of

How to Use Loctite on Wheel Lug Nuts

Loctite Threadlocker products can be used on automotive lug nuts to keep them tightly secured on your vehicle. However, you have to be careful what type of Loctite you use on your lug nuts or you may not be able to remove them ever again. Use a medium-strength Loctite Threadlocker, such as Threadloc