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Get Well Soon Gift Basket Ideas

Any basket works as the container for the gift.Straw basket image by Tasha from Fotolia.comHomemade gift baskets allow you to fully customize the gift to fit the personality of the recipient and your budget. A get well soon gift basket cheers up a recipient who is feeling ill, on bed rest...

How to Make Your Own "Halo 2" Halloween Costumes

"Halo 2" is an multiplayer first-person shooter game for the Xbox. The game features futuristic weapons and powerful, high-tech equipment. The soldiers wear full armor. When creating a "Halo 2" Halloween costume, you won't have access to all this imaginary technology. However, you can use common ath

Inexpensive Group Gifts

Find affordable gifts for groups of over white image by Piter Pkruger from Fotolia.comHolidays and celebrations usually mean gift-giving, but it can get expensive when you have to get gifts for a group of people. For example, you might be a manager who wants to give gifts to...

Memorial Day Party

It is not the end of the world if you cannot leave town and watch the Indianapolis 500 this year. There is another option, and you might be surprised at how pleasurable an outdoor party is, right in your very own backyard. The long Memorial Day Weekend will give you and your friends the opportunity

Christmas Shopping For Out of Town Relatives

If you thought shopping for your close relatives was stressful, try shopping for those who live out of town. In today's society we no longer live close by to all of our relatives, often family members relocate because of a job, or because they want to experience a new city, state or even countr

How to Send 21st Birthday Balloons

Arranging for 21st birthday balloons to be delivered is a fun alternative to sending a bouquet of flowers. Balloons can be sent to the recipient's home address or workplace and are sure to brighten up any birthday. Balloons can be sent to both young men and women and can also be used to decorate a v

March Birthday Themes

When you are planning a birthday party in March, get inspired by the month's events, whether you choose St. Patrick's Day or a sports-themed March Madness party. Consider the guest of honor's personality and interests as you select the March celebration theme.

Girl's Gift Ideas for Christmas

Dolls are classic Christmas gifts for girls of any age.John Coletti/Stockbyte/Getty ImagesChristmas gifts for girls are as varied and distinctive as the individuals themselves. From traditional gifts like dolls and dress-up clothes to more modern gifts like electronics, the only limit to...

How to Prepare a Holiday Feast on a Budget

The holidays are a time of togetherness, a time for friends and family to catch up and enjoy each others' company. It's no wonder meals are a central focus of the holiday schedule what better way to get people together than over a delicious meal? But preparing the perfect holiday feast doe

Video: Adding Wet Ingredients for Yule Log Cookies

Video Transcript With our mixer of brown sugar and butter together we are going to add now the maple flavoring a little bit of salt and our egg. So first I'm going to add 1/2 teaspoon of salt you want to be very careful when pouring it so that we don't get to much. Just gently pour...

Handmade Gift Ideas for Dads

Celebrate a dad that you know with a handmade image by Mat Hayward from Fotolia.comDads often appreciate handmade gifts from their loved ones in celebration of special occasions like their birthdays, Christmas or Father's Day. Showcase your love for a dad in your life---your own,...

How to Make Western Chaps for a Costume

Cowboy costumes are always a favorite for Halloween and other costumed events, and no cowboy costume is complete without chaps. Originally worn by Spanish cattle herders, chaps came into the public eye through a long tradition of Western films and television shows that glorify the cowboy lifestyle.

August Birthstone Facts

Birthstones have existed for thousands of years, possibly as far back as early Bible times. Many gem scholars believe the first evidence of birthstones is in Exodus in the Old Testament. In this book, the Hebrew high priest wears a breastplate that has 12 gems. Each gem represented one of Israel's 1

Creative Gifts for Kids

Kids can have fun and keep busy for hours with a creative gift.girls with costume jewelry image by Lisa Eastman from Fotolia.comBeing creative can help a child grow and develop in so many ways. It is also an outlet for them to release their feelings in a constructive way. Many children...

Christmas Gifts for a Six-Year-Old Girl

It can be difficult purchasing a Christmas gift for a 6-year-old girl. Some gifts encourage the girl to use her talents. Six is an age to explore new hobbies and perhaps become passionate about the activity. If purchasing a gift, buy something that demonstrates your love for the girl.

Christmas Party Themes and Traditions

The Christmas tree is a family decoration in most homes.David Madison/Photodisc/Getty ImagesSince the celebration of the holiday began, families have been devising seasonal traditions to pass down through the generations. The Christmas party itself has developed into a tradition of its...

Aeronautical Novelty Gifts

When purchasing a gift for a pilot young or old, you may be drawn to aeronautical novelty items. These items can be found with ease and personalized to fit almost any budget or space. When shopping for a flight-related gift, consider going to an airport and looking in the gift shops for ideas.

Exciting Birthday Ideas

Outdoor birthday greetinghappy birthday image by Deborah Durbin from Fotolia.comIf you are looking to plan a birthday party, the most important thing is to make the party memorable. You want to come up with the kind of idea that has the birthday boy excited for weeks before the event....