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What Do You Know About Pubic Lice?

Pubic louse is a tiny parasite which thrives and multiplies on the area of the pubic hair. Even though they are commonly seen in the pubic region, they can also infest other areas armpits, eyebrows and even eye lashes. It is a sexually transmitted infection mostly through sex or using the same towel

Fever Blisters

Debate on exactly how to treat fever blisters has been around for some time since the variant of the herpes simplex virus has been known for several centuries. But exactly what are fever blisters? First off Fever Blisters are more commonly known these days as Cold Sores or Oral Herpes (herpes simple

Forms of Sterilization of Mechanical Monitors

Sterilization is an important process, whether you're working in food service, body art or in a hospital setting. Utensils, needles and other objects that can carry disease or lead to horrendous infection must be cleaned, and there are machines that are designed to clean and sterilize these things.

Can Couples Counseling Help?

You know to see a doctor for an ache or cough that won't go away. But where can you turn if your relationship needs a shot in the arm?

How to Treat Crabs at Home Naturally

Crabs are parasites that dwell on the genital area of humans. Isn't it disgusting and scary? They are scientifically called Phthirius pubis. They are called crabs because they grip just like the way crabs do. Learn how to get rid of it.

Recognize Herpes Symptoms

There are many herpes symptoms that you should learn to recognize, and then you can know when you are having a herpes outbreak. This infection causes several distinctive lesions you can learn to identify so you can know that you have herpes and not confuse it with any other disease.

Side Affects After Hormone Therapy From Prostate Cancer

Hormone therapy for prostate cancer is known as androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) or androgen suppression therapy. The goal of ADT is to reduce male hormones called androgen's from the body. Testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT) are the androgen's that circulate throughout the body. The testic

Health & Sex: Help & Support

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Obesity drug could slow cancer growth.

Researchers found Xenical (a drug approved for the treatment of obesity) appears to slow the progression of prostate cancer tumors in mice and may also have similar effects in inhibiting other types of cancer.