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Personality: It's So Attractive!

Appearance is important in today's world. Our ideals of attractiveness are strongly influenced by celebrities who embody physical beauty at its finest. However, too many people overlook the fact that there is so much more ...

Is Your Weight Heavy On Your Mind?

This article discusses how techniques and strategies from hypnotherapy can help people tackle the issues of food addiction and weight problems. Food addiction is a learned event and hypnosis can get to the bottom of the subconscious triggers that cause us to feel the need for certain foods.

Overcoming Instead of Succumbing

Doubt is a definite virus, and if you feed it, it tends to grow. It can make you cower, it can stop you in your tracks, and it honestly can shake you to your core. For the longest time, I had this cloud of doubt looming, yet I continued to avoid it or ignore it. That's the thing though. When th

Downsizing Your Home - Downsizing Your Life

When situations turned and we had to move, I was faced with downsizing. We had to leave out 3 story home in the country for an apartment in the city. Then a couple years later we had to downsize again to a single floor home. After 10 years we were faced with yet another move, this time to another pr

The True Secret of Success - Be the Master

People have often stated that success is like a stair case and you should climb it one step at a time. It's all about realizing the true potential inside you and to harness the abilities that you never thought you possessed. Success is not always about where you have reached rather how many bat

LOA Techniques and The Secret

The number question we all want to know the answer to is : how can we actually get what we want in life?We see folks who seem to get everything they desire so simply, and others who struggle day in an

Clarity and Power

When you get quiet and really determine what it is that you want, instead of trying to please others,you face the world with a congruent outlook and you are able to achieve your goals and desires.

What is the Lesson of the Red Sea Parting?

What is the lesson of the Red Sea parting? Read how some children responded and what the Bible teaches us about trusting the Lord for salvation in all circumstances. Children's answers are fun, sometimes quirky and often insightful. Because this article features children's answers, it&apos

Proverbs 26 - Portraits of Folly and Right Response

The structure in Proverbs 26 is a lot neater than many previous chapters. For beginners, it's almost exclusively talking about fools and their folly. There is a bracket of comparative proverbs on the topic (verses 1-12) and thereafter two types of fool are spotlighted: the sluggard (verses 13-1

Out of a Job - Now What?

The stress of losing a job is exacerbated by inaction.This article suggests critical steps for taking control of your future and moving ahead.Setting and pursuing specific goals are vital parts of the process.

Mindset: 9 Tips for Developing a Healthy Mindset

You mind is the driving force behind all of your decision making. Having the correct mindset is critical for achieving success. With a purpose driven mindset nothing is impossible.

The Secrets of Successful People

There are many people out there who can grab a success, yet, you wonder when your turn will come. Are you waiting for your turn? Do you think those people were just waiting for their turn to come?

Does Law of Attraction Work In Modern Age?

According to Charles Haanal, the Law of Attraction is a natural Law like the Law of Gravity. The two main things required in the Law of Attraction are awareness and concentration. As we know, it works according to the concept of "Thoughts Become Things"...

Spirituality Information - Murder Your Motivation

For ten years i made the same mistake again and again. I cannot recall a single morning when i got up full of energy and raring to go. There was nothing which motivated me. I used to work for the best companies across the world but they mattered very little deep down within me.