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Nine Attributes of Problem Solvers

Problem solvers are hard to find. In a market where scarcity commands top pay and recognition, problem solvers are in very high demand. Problem solvers share a number of attributes. Nine of them are listed later in this article.

We Are Human Beings, Not Human Doings

Some people think they are only important because of what they Do. So they want to be god at everything, so they attempt to do big things.

Why whining is important

Make no mistake...whining is important. Each one of us has, at some time or the other, felt trod upon, unappreciated, been pushed around and/or taken for granted. We've experienced moments in which everything seems just ...

How Does Hypnosis Work To Your Benefit?

Thinking of the most difficult pains a person may experience, a woman who can suffer from extreme pain during childbirth is probably one of the greatest challenges. But who can ever think that hypnosis can get her into hypnotic trance to add in relaxation and manage the pain while giving birth? Well

How Michael Wittmann Became Famous

What is focus? Focus is not a word, It is a deliberate act that requires a huge amount of effort to establish, maintain and successfully carry us through that which we are focusing on. It is not enough to say, "I am focused." Real focus demands giving up some things we are comfortable with

The Need For Goals!

Our lives will become better and enjoyable when we can define where we are going. This article shows the need for us to have goals in our lives.

Anger – Control It Before It Control You

Anger is a completely natural human emotion. But it is the destructive expression of anger that often leads to someone or something getting hurt. This article presents the common reactions that follow

Empowerment - 5 Steps to Gain Clarity to Achieve Goals

To achieve anything in life you need define what it is you want so you gain clarity on how to get there. But sometimes the path to getting there may be blurred and many give up because they can't see how they can achieve their goals. As the designer of your life, if you are unclear as to what y

How to Recreate Your World

Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear (Hebrews 11:3). The Greek word translated framed in the opening scripture is Katartizo, which is to repair, frame, perfect, mend, or restore. In other wor

Happily Imperfect

Most of us live in a culture and society which is totally obsessed with perfection. An obsession which invariably leads to pain. Emotional, psychological, physical, social and financial pain. The perfection obsession is rampant. It's ...

Fashion And Style 101: The Basic Rules of Dressing Up for Women

Fashion is one of the reasons women are taking so long to dress up for a gathering or an event. Unlike men who don't give much time and consideration as to what they wear, most women do. They believe that what you wear could either make or break you.

Tips for Unleashing Your Brain's Total Power

The Mind Power Guide Increasing your mental activity and flexibility for your everyday life can be achieved if you work on your brain. It is not an overnight solution but if you understand the mind ...

Manifesting Abundance Through Sound Vibration

Manifesting abundance through sound vibrations is nothing new to any of us. When we focus on our desires and add the vibration of sound to enhance it, the creation becomes alive.

Top 5 Tips for Planning the Perfect Event

By following these simple steps you are sure to have the event you have been dreaming of and give your guests a party they will always keep in their memories for years to come. Good luck and good plan

Fantastic Faith

The world we live in seems to be falling apart at the seems. Many jobs have been lost, and a lot of the world in general is suffering because of a bad economy. There seems to be nothing for certain that you can count on to assure your bright and sunny future for you and your family.