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Pretties Review

Flawless beauty, incessant partying, and constant fun - it seems like the ideal dream life and everyone's greatest desire. This gripping sequel to Uglies by Scott Westerfeld makes one think otherwise.

How the New York Times Selects Books to Review

At a Harvard University speech New York Times Book Review Editor Barry Gewen revealed unknown details about The New York Times Book Review's "inner workings." Authors wanting to get the scoop on the process will find insight into the minds of the reviewers at "The Gray Lady."

Review of Hungry Woman in Paris, By Josefina Lopez

Primarily, Hungry Woman in Paris is the story of a young woman trying to find herself in a foreign country. Yet it is so much more than that. Beyond a delicious facade of Parisian gourmet cuisine and love escapades, the novel examines important issues like prejudice against minorities and gender rol

How Marketing Services Are Stealing Your Time and Money!

Marketing Services are stealing your time and money with promises of more tools and ways to drive more business. You have worked hard and invested heavily to get your business up and running and it looks like things are going well but you hear every day that you have to have an Internet presence to

What Is The Bad Breath Report About

Tomas O. Caomhanach has created a book called The Bad Breath Report which says that by utilizing easy to get products and following a four step plan you will get rid of the actual root cause of offensive mouth odor. Some of the items you can use cost as little as 2 dollars. But can you really get ri

Online Poetry Contest - Submitting to Legitimate Competitions

Writing poetry is a way to express you in a creative art. Unfortunately, poetry doesn't usually make enough money to pay the bills in your home. One way to make a few bucks here and there for your poetry is to submit your poems to an online poetry contest.

Song of Cy - Understanding Grief - Book Review

Are you a step-parent, parent, sibling, grandparent or friendof a deceased person? Then this book is for you! A delicately written and moving piece of work that iselectrically charged with Katlyn Stewart's love and grief...

Let's Create A New World

Let's create a new world where war will belong to the distant past and our instruments of war forever turned to plow shed. Let's create a new world where we can all be free to breathe the free air of freedom and be free to become all the great glorious things that God has destined us to be

Mermaid Song

This poem came to me in the middle of the night.It took me about a year to complete it.It is about a time when I lived in San Diego and made jewelry and sculptures out of my beach combing adventures.

A Syndrome of Okonkwo and Ivan Ilych in Modern Society

In the modern society, Tolstoy's Ivan Ilych problem of correspondence can be seen all over. Even amongst complete unfamiliar persons people do the generally accepted things. On the conformity phenomenon there was conducted an experiment ...

A Story of How Lust Affects the Human Spirit

All of us have general ideas about how complicated an affair can become. This novel reveals in rich detail how an illicit affair impacts the human spirit.

The How to Herb Book

The authors, Velma J. Keith and Monteen Gordon, have done a great job of providing concise and extensive information on the 71 herbs, 38 vitamins and minerals, and 175 of the most common ailments for women, children and families. The herb section includes for each herb:classification, a brief descri

The Omnivore's Dilemma - A Review

Years after its debut, Pollan's description of where all that food (and the marketing that goes with it) comes from is still relevant and informative. His book proves that it is difficult to choose between ignorance (bliss) and knowledge (power).

The Legend of Tommy Jo Sanchez, By: Billie Bierer - Book Review

Westerns are a study in archetypes that are almost entirely unique to American civilization. Wanderers on horseback with Stetson hats and gleaming weapons at their sides, these Men With No Name sweep in like knights errant, protecting towns from both villains, and the encroachment of civilization. I

Worshiping a Woman With Long Blonde Hair

In a white sky on a wintry day there are curls of gold and strands of light. Imagining the sun I look to her ear. Desperately hoping that the night will come I look into her eyes and see the treasure that is buried there. Because this is not a poem about love for Jesus. Nor is it a reference to the

He Is Dead

He was pronounced dead. The anxieties and bitterness on face could be read...

Piety in the Face - The Humor of Flannery O'Connor

In a world of pious pretenders and religious hippocracy, Flannery O'Connor introduces us to a host of bizarre characters who not only compel us to take a second look around us, but also force us to look deeper into ourselves. O'Connor's use of humor in religion is completely appropria