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Escape the Trap By Using Alphatrak

If you happen to own a pet that is suffering from diabetes mellitus, it becomes essential that you monitor its blood glucose level very closely. While your pet may not be able to tell you ...

How to Rid a Home of Mites & Fleas

Mites are invertebrates that are hard to see because of their microscopic size. Mites thrive in many different types of environments and can be a real pest if not dealt with. They can bite your pets and cause allergic reactions for the members of your household. Since mites eat the remains of dead f

Why you must prepare your dog for long hikes

Copyright (c) 2009 Betty Ortman Several years ago my brother Thomas embarked on a 3-month hiking adventure in Europe. The goal of his trans-European trek was to reach the mission church of Santiago de Compostela ...

Proper Usage of Dog Barking Collars

Dog collars are great training equipment. Available from specialty stores online and offline, these tools can be very helpful in preventing excessive dog barking.

Cuddle Your Dog and Cat to Keep Them Healthy

Pets are a like children to us, they make us happy, keep us safe and care for us without asking for anything in return. Keeping our pets health is important for their quality of life as well as yours. The nudge of a dog or the swipe of a cat, you want them to be their for a long time, keep them heal

Eastern Box Turtle

Gallery of pet turtle photos submitted to About Exotic Pets by our readers.

Modern Dog Beds For Your Convenience And Amusement

It always seems your pet likes to stretch out in the most inconvenient places, doesn’t it?The family dog likes to take up the whole couch, especially when you have guests over.

Crash Course on Chihuahuas

Some scientist believe that the Fennec Fox is the Chihuahua's wild ancestor. Chihuahuas are one of the oldest breeds in the Americas. Some folks say Mexican royalty used the chihuahua as an early hot water ...

What Kind of Ticks Are Found in North Texas?

Ticks are tiny parasites that feed on the blood of their hosts. Ticks thrive in warm climates and live in areas covered by brush, grass and plants. According to Purdue University, there are an estimated 899 species of ticks in the world with over 90 species inhabiting the Continental U.S. Many ticks

Information on Hookworms in Cats

Hookworms are the most common parasite affecting cats. Unfortunately, they are also one of the most fatal parasites that our feline companions face. Diagnosis of hookworm infection is not as easy as with other parasites, but, luckily, treatment options are often extremely effective if the infection

Pet Cots For Small Dogs

Our mission is simply to be the definitive website store in providing your pets with the highest quality and most uniquely designed dog beds, animal enclosures, dog gates, cat cages, and pet hammocks available anywhere in the world. These products, not found anywhere else, are proudly made in the US

Why Is Our Society So Tolerant Of Animal Cruelty?

It is mind boggling for me to understand how, in this day and age, we so readily turn a blind eye to the cruelties that animals suffer on a daily basis. You don't believe me? You think I'm overreacting? You are welcome to disagree with me, but you would be wrong.

Removing Ticks From Dogs

One of the best pieces of advice anyone can have about removing ticks from dogs is to not let the problem get tho that point. This means treating your canine friend with a product meant to keep fleas

Treating your chickens for lice and mites

This article explains how to identify mites or lice in your chicken coop and what actions need to be taken to keep your chickens healthy and your coop clean from these tiny blood sucking creatures.

All You Need To Know About Caring For Dogs

As a dog lover, you understand the joy such a pet can bring to your life. You will never be alone again, and you will always have a companion who thinks the world of you. ...