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Older Cats - Problems to Be Aware Of

Your older cat's body will go through changes that can and often do cause problems. Those of us who have reached what is called a 'respectable' age, have probably found that our bodies don't work as well as they used to. Your cat is no different so you need to be aware of what is

2008 Cat Breeds Picture Gallery: Ragdolls Charlie and Bailey

While August's Cats Picture Calendar was devoted to domestic cats, September is changing the pace with photos of purebred pedigreed cats. September is a month of variety in both climate and activities. It is still warm enough for summer activities, while cooler evenings bring a hint of fall. It

Feline Treats for Kidney Failure

Even a cat with kidney failure can still enjoy a treat.cats 2 image by Dusan Radivojevic from Fotolia.comAlso known as chronic renal failure (CRF), kidney failure is a common disease in cats. To protect the kidneys, veterinarians generally prescribe diets low in protein, salt, and...

I Hate My Cat

I have a cat. I hate this cat. Sometimes I love it, but mostly I hate it, let me explain why I hate my cat.

2013 Cat Pictures of the Week: Luci

Luci is the second Cat Picture of the Week for March 2013. She is a tabby cat with beautiful green eyes, and is sweet, but sometimes demanding.

Horse Renal Failure Symptoms

Equine renal failure is a serious ailment that must be treated image by ann triling from Fotolia.comAs horses cannot speak for themselves, it is the duty of their caretakers to be aware of physical symptoms that can indicate ailments such as renal failure. Although many...

Getting Bit by a Cat

When a animal bite draws blood you should be very concerned. This is especially true if it is not your cat. The big concern if you get bit by an pet that does not belong to you is if it has had all of its shots.

December Cats Picture Gallery: Rusty

We celebrate red cats in our December Picture Calendar, but we love them year-round. December is a great month for snuggling with your cat in front of a crackling fire, particularly if your cat mirrors the colors of the flames. And of course we can't forget that December is red for the color of

Heartworm Disease in Domestic Cats

Heartworm in cat caused by Dirofilaria immitis is another vector borne helminthes infection of Zoonotic significance. Here you can get enough idea about this disease.

Cat Food Nutrition

Good cat food nutrition is essential for the health of your cat. It is not important what type of food you give your cat - tinned (wet) food, dry food or cook it yourself, however it is important to make sure the food is nutritious, healthy and suitable for the age of your cat. Learn what you need t

The Side Effects of Prednisolone for Cats

Most cats do well on prednisolone, an anti-inflammatory image by JASON WINTER from Fotolia.comCats are often prescribed prednisolone, an anti-inflammatory corticosteroid medication, to treat a large number of diseases ranging from irritable bowel syndrome to asthma and other...

How to Groom Knots off a Cat's Belly

While cats are capable of self-grooming and typically demand a minimal amount of human interference, there are times when oil and dirt build up can lead to tangles and knots on a cat's abdomen. While regular brushing can keep knots to a minimum, this does not always prevent them from occurring. Knot

Cat Blindness Causes

There are several causes for cat blindness. You certainly don't want this kind of cat sickness for your feline but they can occur. Cat eye care is very important so don't neglect it. It can happen to any feline. Here are the possible causes the blindness.

How to Stop a Cat From Killing Small Animals

Not every cat owner appreciates the carcass of a small bird or rodent that their loving feline companion left for them to find. Your cat kills and retrieves prey to show its devotion and concern for your well-being, so don't think too badly of it. While predatory behavior is completely natural and i

Red Cats Picture Gallery: Ripley

We celebrate red cats in our December Picture Calendar, but we love them year-round. December is a great month for snuggling with your cat in front of a crackling fire, particularly if your cat mirrors the colors of the flames. We also can't forget that December cats are red for the color of Ch

Nutritional Supplements for Cats

Cats have unique nutritional needs that are not always met by consuming cat food. It is always a good idea to consult a veterinarian before supplementing a pet's diet, but nutritional supplements for cats often provide important nutrients that help to improve cat health.

Healthy Cat Food - A Quick, Expert Shopping Guide

If you've ever felt confused about how to choose the healthiest cat food for your feline companion, you're not alone. The pet food recall in the spring of 2007, sent many spinning. Most pet owners are aware that pet food manufacturers are required by law to list all of the product ingredie

Can You Prevent Cat Spraying?

No matter how lovely and adorable our pet cats are, they all have the propensity to release a pungent odor that stains our carpets and furniture.What's worse is that the smell is so overpowering that removing it becomes an exhausting task. Since spraying is a natural behavior for cats, restrain

Homeopathy for Cat Allergies

Cats can develop allergies the same as human beings can. There may be many reasons for their allergies, but, before giving your cat any homeopathic supplements or remedies, consult with a homeopathic veterinarian to find out what your cat is allergic to and what the best route of care may be. Severa

7 Signs of Cat Urinary Infection

It's unbelievable how many cats suffer unnecessarily from cat urinary infection.When spotted quickly, this infection can be treated easily and effectively at home.If you wait too long, the infection can travel up the kidneys and...