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Uses for Saddles & Tack

Saddles serve many important purposes.saddle image by Henryk Olszewski from Fotolia.comWhether you own a single horse or train dozens of them for clients, the right tack tack is needed to get the job done. Saddles, bridles and other tack are designed to provide security to the rider and...

What Are the Treatments for Equine Hip Dislocation?

There are very few treatment options for a horse suffering from equine hip dislocation also known as coxofemoral luxation. According to the "Horse Owner's Veterinary Handbook", Thomas A. Gore, DVM, 2008, hip locations are rare in horses or ponies.

Good Seat Yields Good Foundation

No matter your focus, for your horse's health and comfort, you need to learn how to balance, relax and follow your horses movement. Your seat is the vital key to all three. The more educated our seat becomes the better your riding becomes. The better your riding becomes the responsive to you yo

The Definition of Action

The meaning of the word action as used when discussing horses or ponies. What does action mean? Find the definition of action.

How to a Train a Wild Horse Into a Racehorse

Horses that are wild can be trained to do just about anything other horses can do, though it may take a longer amount of time. While wild horses can't run in races at official racetracks since they don't have registration papers, they can be trained to run like racehorses and race at unsanctioned ra

Horse Hair Braiding Techniques

There are several techniques you can use to braid a horse's mane and tail. Braiding a mane and tail helps show off a horse's conformation. Keeping the mane tidy and braided displays the animal's top line to the judge and spectators. Some showing styles and breeds require specific types of braids.

Directions for a Draw Rein

Draw reins, or running reins, are one of the more hotly-debated horse training aids. Working on leverage, draw reins are used in both English and Western riding styles to encourage flexing from the poll and straight and balanced self carriage. The reins are a leather, web or nylon strap of about 15

How to Tie a Lead Rope

A lead rope or lead line is a length of rope attached to a horse's halter. As the name implies, the rope is used for the purpose of leading the horse when walking. A lead rope is necessary when tying horses out. Tying a lead rope must be done in such a way that the horse's safety and comfort are not

The Definition of Posting

When you talk about horses, what is to post or posting? Here is the definition of posting.

What Can Cause a Horse to Go Lame?

Horse owners should pay attention to their animal to determine whether it is lame. Unlike dogs -- which whine when they are distressed -- horses don't vocally communicate when they are in steady pain. A healthy, well-balanced diet and regular check-ups will prevent your horse from going lame.

Why You Should Go to Summer Camp and What You May Need

These are just the essentials you might want to take along with you to camp. Make sure you make a list and check it twice before heading off to camp. Also, don't forget to back extra socks and a few extra pairs of clean undies!

How to Rein a Kiger Mustang

No matter what the breed of horse, reining is an exciting and challenging equine activity. The elegant turns, circles, spins and rollbacks are breathtaking to watch, and reining has become a widely respected and accepted equine sport, with reining demonstrations even taking place at the Olympic game

Discover Comfort For Your Four Legged Friends

If I had known what I now know about horses hoofs, Rocky would be out here nibbling on the luscious tips of new green grass in the back field, instead of composting six feet under. I hope that he now rests peacefully knowing that his discomfort and our relationship helped to develop the awareness th

How to Trailer Your Horse the Safe Way

From the minute your horse steps into a trailer to be transported, he's completely dependent on you, the horse owner, for his well-being. As a reliable owner, this isn't anything to be taken lightly.

Bitless Bridle Instructions

Many types of devices have been designed to facilitate smooth communication between horse and rider. The bitless option means nothing will be in a horse's mouth and is not for every horse and rider combination. Style and use of the horse should be taken into consideration when thinking of using this