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How to Find Nemo Tank Mates

What do you do when your kids insist that they want a fish tank or aquarium based on the Finding Nemo theme? You scratch your head and stare blankly at them, wondering what to say to pacify or stall them. Well that tactic doesn't really work with kids today, as you should well know by now! You ha

How to Use Beach Sand for an Aquarium

Beach or silica sand gives a natural look to a seawater aquarium. The individual particles are relatively small and smooth, allowing burrowing fish, such as wrasse, to dig into the substrate without damaging their bodies. Beach sand also represents a natural and acceptable substrate for starfish and

The Armory of Freshwater Aquarium Maintenance Tools

Good and clean aquariums are the pride of the aquarist. But in order for these proud aquarists to have, sparkling clean fish tanks, they have to do regular maintenance, so they have come up with an array of different tools.

Glass Aquarium FAQ

Setting up a glass aquarium for the first time can result in several common questions that must be answered to ensure the tank is set up to support a healthy living habitat. Chain stores rarely have the answers and there are more books on the topic than a person could read in a year.How...

Funny Pet Names For Fish That Are Sure to Make You Laugh

If you have pet fish and enjoy the fun, serenity and peacefulness that they bring to your home and your life, you probably want to pick a name that makes you happy whenever you say it. What better way to enjoy your pet fish than give them a funny name that makes you laugh whenever you think of it?

How to Make Fish Tank Filters

You can make your own fish tank filters in a few easy steps---and forgo the expense of buying them from the store.

Bronze Cory Fish Are Wonderful Addition to the Aquarium

Bronze Cory fish is oldest in the catfish family. If you go to any pet store, you will certainly find some variety of this fish there. Experienced fish-keepers love to have at least a couple of them in the community tank. They are industrious, they are small in size and they are good friends of fish

Types of Water Heaters for a Betta Bowl

Since most aquarium water heaters are designed to heat a minimum of five to ten gallons of water, it can be difficult to select a heater that works efficiently and safely in a 1-to-2 gallon Betta bowl. Though most captive-bred Bettas can temporarily survive in temperatures as low as the mid-60s, the

How to Put a Background on a Fish Tank

Backgrounds for fish aquariums help lend an aquatic feel to the aquarium and disguise the wall behind the tank. You can use a background in a solid color, such as blue or green, to resemble tropical water color. There are also backgrounds with aquatic life like plants and fish printed on them to mak

Why Buying Reef Aquarium Supplies in Bulk is a Good Idea

Bulk buying reef aquarium supplies can spare aquarium enthusiasts the added expense and trouble that comes with taking care of a tank. Buying supplies such as carbon and calcium chloride can come in various quantities suited for different needs.

Freshwater Aquarium Maintenance For Your Fish

Freshwater aquarium maintenance might seem as easy as feeding your fish at certain times of the day. However, there is a lot more to it such as cleaning, water changes, filter changes, and more. There is a bit of art and science in the maintenance of an aquarium, which makes paying attention to your

Tropical Fish Tank Guide! Decorations

The success of a tropical fish tank depends greatly on the decorations! Not only will it determine how active and colourful (and most importantly, how healthy!) your fish will be, but it will also determine whether or not you, the aquarist, will enjoy being part of this fascinating hobby!

Beautiful Goldfish Are Great Pets

Goldfish are always perfect pets for kids especially when they get the opportunity to take care of someone for the first time. Why goldfish should be ideal as first pet?

The Aquarium Supplies for a Salt Water Tank

Are you thinking of running a salt water aquarium and you are having no previous knowledge about that? Don't worry, many of us have already faced this situation and have subsequently overcome this problem. Importantly, maintaining a salt water aquarium is much more complex than a fresh water aq

How to Set Up Metadata in Developer Workbench

Metadata is a website's data that you don't see on your screen. The metadata helps search engines navigate a site, thumbnail images and items that track visitors. A piece of metadata includes both a name, that identifies what type of metadata it is, and a value, which provides the data itself. Anyon

How to Breed Clownfish

While freshwater fish are usually captive-bred, the vast majority of salt water fish are still wild caught. The most common exceptions to this are the various species of clownfish (also called anemonefish), which can be bred in captivity. Clownfish are well-known for their brilliant coloration and t

Facts on Puffer Fishes

One of the things that many small fish have to worry about is being attacked and eaten by larger fish. Escaping by swimming rapidly may be an option for some fish, but this won't work for puffer fish. They swim slowly and awkwardly making them easy prey for predators. But puffer fish have another t

What You Need to Know About Marine Aquarium Circulation

Having adequate marine aquarium circulation is a very important part of keeping a health saltwater aquarium. However many new tank keepers get this wrong and wind up with a variety of problems. Learn how much flow you need, the effects of low water flow and also the different ways to measure water f

Techniques of Feeding Your Fish

Fish which are sold in the pet fish shops are generally very easy to maintain. They can sustain on processed food which is also available at the shops. However, if you make a small research, you can feed your fish in a better way for their good health and long term survival.