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Defines the term "nectar" in terms of a bird's diet, including tips for making nectar to feed hummingbirds, orioles and similar birds and how to attract nectar-eating birds to your backyard.

Owl Pellets - Learning About Owls

Studying|Researching|Reviewing|Looking over|Checking out} owl pellets is really a interesting and interesting strategy to learn about owls. Owls are spectacular birds which are properly adapted toward

Exotic Birds can be Fun and Very Entertaining

I have had four exotic birds for five years now, and let me tell you, I wouldn't give them up for anything.At times I get mad at them because of all the mess they make, but I get over it. Yes they can make a real mess, especially on the floor.

How to Cure an Egg Bound Chicken

As egg-laying chickens age, their oviducts become less able to expel eggs. When an egg gets stuck inside the oviduct of a hen, the hen is said to be "egg bound." The egg must be removed or the hen will die. Chickens stop laying eggs when they begin to molt, when they've been stressed, when daylight

Types of Bird Food

Sunflower seeds are a popular bird food.sonnenblume image by Michael Homann from Fotolia.comAttract native and migratory birds to your backyard bird feeder by providing their favorite types of food. Supplying wild birds with food provides them with a consistent source of nutrition and...

How to Roast Soybeans for Goats?

Proper nutrition and care for your goat is imperative for overall health and growth. Part of a healthy diet includes roast soybeans which provide protein and energy as well as healthy digestion. Roasting soybeans is a simple, cost-effective process that helps you to put your goat on the right track

Parakeets - A Budgie For A Buddy

The joy of a parakeet for a pet was a complete and total surprise to me. They are much, much more than "something pretty to look at" in a cage.

How to Build a Simple Platform Bird Feeder

A platform-style bird feeder is a low-maintenance option for gardens where pest birds such as sparrows and pigeons are not a problem. Platform feeders invite the largest variety of birds -- perching and large birds alike -- without restricting their access. The platform feeder's broad, flat feeding

Difference Between Love Birds & Parrotlets

Love birds and parrotlets are both small varieties of parrot, with neither one growing to be larger than about 6 inches in length. Both of these types of pint-sized parrot are intelligent, inquisitive and friendly and can make excellent pets for apartment dwellers or those with allergies to dogs and

Breeding Zebra Finch

Most varieties of Finch make wonderful pets due to their hardiness and wonderful curious personalities. The care for these birds are easy which does not change if they happen to be breeding. The Zebra Finch is one of the carefree types of this species.

Parrot Breeders

Parrot breeders play extremely important rolls in the lives of the parrots that they raise. They adopt the role of being the parrot's sergeant parents. The way a parrot is raised and how it is handled when it is young directly affect its personality when the parrot is an adult. When looking for

Florida Scrub-Jay

Detailed bird profile of the Florida scrub-jay: appearance, foods, habitat, behavior and reproduction. Includes tips for attracting Florida scrub-jays to your backyard.

Hummingbird Food & Care

Hummingbirds are some of the most interesting birds in the world. They are extremely tiny, and eat nectar from flowers just like insects. Hummingbirds do not suck nectar into their mouths with their long beaks, but rather lap the nectar with a tiny tongue. If you want to watch these fascinating crea

Birds That Destroy Other Bird Nests

Many birds are attractive and enjoyable to watch in your garden or at the park. You may be surprised to learn that some birds destroy the carefully built nests of rival birds. Some birds employ what appears to be clever reasoning behind destroying the nest of another bird, while others tear apart ne

Racing Pigeon Loft: One Key Element You Must Have!

Just imagine after building the pigeon loft of champions you find out that you overlooked a vital element to your pigeons racing success. To make matters worse you found out because of this missing element you have lost several key races and if nothing is done your pigeons will continue to lose. You

How to Road Trip with Pet Birds

Dog and cat owners may envy bird owners in regards to the road trip. Their pets already have cages and birds do not need pit stops, but they do not know the other things bird owners have to plan for. You can road trip with birds, but you need to be prepared.

Choosing a Parrot Cage

There are a number of factors to consider when purchasing a parrot cage. Firstly, there are things that should be avoided, and are not safe for you bird.

How to Convert Sheds Into Chicken Coops

Raising chickens for fun, meat or eggs can be done by anyone with a small location for the chickens to eat, drink, and sleep in safety. A secure location can be an unused shed in your yard. Converting a shed to a coop is easy, but needs to be done with the chickens' comfort, health and safety in min