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Can a 401k Invest in Gold?

Author Hans Forssell wrote about "The Appreciation of Gold" in 1886. Gold and other precious metals offer investors the possibility of long-term capital appreciation. Investors typically gravitate toward precious-metals investments during periods of rising inflation or economic uncertainty. The pric

How to Keep Track of Bank Accounts

There was a time when people used to budget money using envelopes or shoe boxes, but today, with the majority of bank accounts being free and easy to access, it's not uncommon for one person or family to have several accounts. There is the savings account, the kids' college account, the vacation acc

How to Get Free Groceries Without All of the Gimmicks

Many families have found that through the use of coupons, it is easy to net very cheap or free groceries each week from the grocery store. Many grocery stores try to get you to purchase a meal deal or another such gimmick that makes you believe that you have gotten something for free, however, these

Can You Refinance if You Owe the Same Amount as You Borrowed?

Refinancing requires excellent credit, sufficient equity, cash reserves and adequate steady income. In 2011, the maximum amount you can borrow when you refinance is 80 percent of your home's appraised value. If the balance you owe exceeds 80 percent, you can refinance your loan, but you will have to

Who Can Qualify For Br1m 4.0

BR1M is a financial aid provided by the government to Malaysians with low monthly income. The government of Malaysians has been implementing this subsidy for the last three years. This allowance can be benefitted by ...

How to Get Kellogg's Coupons

Kellogg's is a great company that carries a whole line of great products. They also own many other companies such as Special K and Kashi. Because of this, there is a high probability that you use Kellogg's products on a daily basis. If you do, you should take advantage of great money saving offers,

How to Send Money From South Korea to the USA

In addition the traditional bank wire transfer or postal money order methods for transferring funds, there are easier ways to send money from South Korea to the United States. You can mail a loaded pre-paid Visa card to the recipient through a company like Ikobo or ATM Cash. Alternatively, you can u

Foreign Exchange Market

Foreign exchange market is one of the most lucrative markets in the world. If you want to start trading an investment instrument that offers huge potential profit, foreign exchange may be the best for you. ...

Mortgage Cycling Explained

When many people purchase a home or piece of real estate, they finance it with a mortgage. As they start to make monthly payments on that mortgage, most of the payment goes toward the bank and only a small portion goes to pay down the actual principal owed. Mortgage cycling is a way to pay down the

Beware the Dreaded Student Debt.

If you have just made the leap from college to university, you will no doubt have recently been bombarded with countless letters offering you the best deals on credit cards/loans and overdrafts. The problem is, ...

How to Discharge Indebtness of Student Loans

Contrary to popular belief, student loans offered through the U.S. Federal Student Aid program can be canceled and discharged. However, it is not simple. In some instances, even bankruptcy will not relieve you of your obligations to federal loans. However, there are several ways to gain a full and p

The Salary for Principals in Nashville, Tennessee, Middle Schools

Middle school principals have a tough job, managing a school full of children who are at the age when most of them work to break away from their parents and other authority figures. Nashville, Tennessee, is located in Davidson County, and as one of the most densely populated centers in a mostly rura

Camping Tips to Save Money

Relax during your camping trip knowing that you've made thrifty choices.camping image by BOOJOO from Fotolia.comWhether you love outdoor adventures, like kayaking and whitewater rafting, or simply enjoy the peacefulness of the outdoors, camping will help you reconnect with nature. As...

How To Feed A Family of Four on $50 per Week

In these challenging economic times, it's important to save as much money as you can. One of the biggest expenditures for a family is food, and food prices are set to go up even more over the next year before leveling off. These are tips on how to feed a family of four on a budget.

How to Obtain a Copy of a Wire Transfer

Wire transfers move money electronically from one account to another. To obtain a copy of a wire transfer you must first successfully complete the transfer process. Transfers can redirect funds from one local bank to another or from a large firm to the U.S. Treasury. Collect all the necessary accoun

Social Security & Widow Benefits for Disabled Widows

Social Security provides benefits for different classes of individuals, including survivors, disabled and retired. All Social Security benefits depend on work history. An individual, including disabled persons, can draw on personal work history or on the work history of a working spouse. If the spou

How to Transfer Money From China

Sending money to other countries from China is simple and cost-effective with PayPal. PayPal is created for international transfers because it is available for use in over 190 countries and regions. Their service is comparable to a bank wire, because funds sent between PayPal accounts can be removed

A Foray into Student Finances

Student life can be an expensive time when you consider all the essentials that need to be organised. Rent and household bills are a regular monthly outgoing, cupboards need to be filled with food and ...

What Do You Need to Get a Mortgage in Ontario?

Purchasing a home is often one of the biggest events in your life and one of the most aggravating. To ensure that your mortgage application goes smoothly, have all of the items you'll need well in advance.

Organizations to Help Single Women With Housing Needs

A single woman supporting herself or her family bears the entire burden of maintaining a home financially. Women needing help with housing and housing related expenses can turn to federal and private organizations for assistance. Your income and the number of dependents you have will affect your eli