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Unusual Australia Facts

One unusual Australia fact is that this country was said to be founded by convicts and currently having a homicide rate of 1.8% per 100,000 people.In addition, the very first police team was a group of 12 of the best-behaved Convicts.Most of the convicts were of African descent.

Finding the Right Spot For a Family Vacation

Finding the right vacation spot can be tough when you have a family. Because there are so many of you, you, as a parent, have to balance all of the different interests of the collected group. Below are some recommendations for places to go that most people like visiting.

Top 5 Nature Friendly Tourism Destinations of India

The concept of nature friendly tourism has been gaining lots of momentum. Tourists and visitors are encouraged to see and witness the natural beauty in its full bloom but not threaten it. There are several places in India where one can go to experience this kind of tourism like Kerala, Uttarakhand,

Stay in Eyre Peninsula and Have a Coastal Holiday You Will Never Forget

When you dream of a vacation on the coast, you usually dream about tropical beaches and lounging in the sun. When it's time to leave the beach, you stroll up to town and suddenly everything changes. You have to wait in line for your fish and chips and feel like you're risking your life eve

Visiting Or Living in the Wonderful City of Puebla Mexico

Puebla is perhaps the most notable example left of the once strong Spanish influence in Mexico. The moment you drive into the city and see the dome shaped roofs of churches and other buildings, you'll see the strong influence of Moor and Spanish architects. Many buildings from that era still su

Holy Sites in Jerusalem Town

Jerusalem, as being the richesse town of Israel is one of the most extraordinary city within the world blended with abundant record, religious sacredness and charming cultures. It really is one of many most famed ...

An Exciting New Journey in Vietnam

All of us lead such busy and tedious lives every single day. Most of us are caught up with our regular jobs and work related issues. We come back home tired and all we want ...

Another World Nearby

By Stanley C. Diamond - Author of €What's an American Doing Here? Reflections on Travel in the Third World€ In a search for adventure or just independent travel without tripping over fellow Americans and bus ...

Visiting Midland During the Coming Vacations

Peace of mind is something that you would do anything to achieve in this era of industry, traffic and modern lifestyle. The news channels are always telling the depressing news from all parts of the ...

The Cultural Destination of Andhra Pradesh - Rajahmundry

Located in the eastern zone of the state Andhra Pradesh, Rajahmundry is one of the oldest cities in the country. From ancient times to the puranas, the name of this city is heard everywhere. First ...

Choosing Villas In Costa Brava

Accommodation is a very important question that should be answered before anyone heads out to any destination. You should have a rough idea if not a guarantee of where you will be staying over the ...

Affordable Kerala Holiday Packages

Southern India is considered to be blessed with flora and fauna. It is the richest in its natural beauty and resources in India. Over thousands of tourists visit the cities in Kerala to experience the lushness of the city round the year. It's rich in its spices, tea, aroma oils etc.

Attractions and Festivals of Mumbai

Mumbai, with its highly popular sightseeing attractions and soul-stirring appeal, beckons countless visitors. The city is at its liveliest during festivals such as Ganesh Chaturthi and Mumbai Internat

Travelling To Costa Blanca, Spain

To have an even better vacation, knowing something about the area where you are planning to go for your vacation will help a lot. When you study more about what time of year to go ...

Traveling in Resplendent Hungary - A Summary

Hungary is an east central European nation with Budapest as its capital. It's a highly artistic landlocked country that is also rich in natural beauty, culture and heritage.

Play Spaces Around the Wellington Waterfront

A visit to New Zealand should always include a stay in the nation's capital city, Wellington. Situated on the southern coast of the North Island, Wellington is at the centre of New Zealand&am

Walks in the Countryside

One of the best ways to enjoy the English county of Devon is to head out into the countryside and make use of the numerous footpaths that are available to people wanting to explore the area. You'll be able to find routes that lead you past forests, through forests, around forests and more! You&

Dallas Museum of Art - A Journey For the Mind

The Dallas Museum of Art offers a vast array of artwork that spans a wide range of themes sending visitors on a far reaching artistic journey. This glorious establishment was founded in 1903 and it has kept its magnificent approach over the time.

Shopping in Dublin

As Ireland's economy continues to grow, the "Celtic Tiger" has become a popular destination for both backpackers and business people alike. The result has been a increase in the variety of shopping options available to visitors, and in no place is this more true than Dublin.