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How to Read the Size of Glasses

There are four basic measurements that determine the size of your eyeglasses. The lense or eye size, bridge size and temple size are usually stamped inside the temple or the bridge of the eyeglasses. A typical example is 49-20-141. For the proper fit, take all of these separate measurements into con

Eye Injuries-Credits

A list of authors contributing to the topic of eye injuries.

How Are Contacts Made?

Brief HistoryAbout 34 million people wear contact lenses. The very first contact lenses were made of glass; then hard lenses came along. In 1971, the first soft contacts hit the market. Soft contacts are made of silicone, a soft plastic that allows oxygen to flow through the lenses. ...

Eye tests and eyewear price

Refraction is the basic test of the eye's focus problems or refractive errors. In general, there are three types of refractive errors: hyperopia, myopia and astigmatism. Hyperopia refers to the condit

Behavioral Problems Helped By Eyeglasses

Rather than immediately believing than one’s child has a real learning disability, parents have a responsibility to check out all other options - including their child’s eyesight. Why hand out the medication when a simple pair of eyeglasses might do the trick?

Benefits Of Wearing Prescription Sunglasses

Prescription sunglasses are one of the most sought after spectacles and for good reasons too. They effortlessly merge the benefits of both prescription glasses and sunglasses, allowing an impeccable vision correction along with the unbeatable fashion aesthetics of sunglasses.

Black Spots in the Eye - Cause and Natural Treatment

Black spots in the eye are pretty common and in most cases aren't serious. They are otherwise known as floaters as they have the tendency to float around in and out of the field of vision. They are generally more noticeable when in a light environment (for example being outside in the sunshine)

Quick And Easy Procedures To Restore Your Vision!

Did you ever consider how much of a hassle it is to stumble into the bathroom in the middle of night because you need to go, but have to scrabble in the dark to find your glasses first?

Silver Eyeglasses - Unregretful Choices

Color is one of the most important standards to categorize eyeglasses. For example, in the market are black eyeglasses, brown eyeglasses, pink eyeglasses, red eyeglasses, and so on. However, these color eyeglasses are more favorable for wearers in specific groups, like man and women. Are there any e

Hay Fever Season Makes Life a Misery For Thousands of People

When people think about tears they usually perceive these to be associated with crying or watering when a foreign object, such as dust or dirt particles go onto their eyes. However, tear production also plays a vital role in overall eye health.

Contact Lenses for a Better Life

Compared with spectacles, contact lenses have many advantages, like convenient to carry, better to look at, etc. And some of the best lenses become cheaper on and on. Therefore, lenses are ideal alternatives for users of glasses. Here is some detailed information about these lenses.

Targeted Retinoblastoma Management

This new study explores the outcomes of several methods of chemotherapy delivery for the targeted treatment of retinoblastoma.