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What is a Satellite Phone?

Satellite phones, also known as satphones, are a form of mobile phone that is much different from the cell phones we use so regularly today. Instead of using a network of base station towers to connect to a network, satellite phones depend on orbiting satellites to send and receive phone calls. Depe

How Does Facebook Choose Text for Links?

When you attach a link to external content to a Facebook status update, such as a Web page or a YouTube video, Facebook posts a text title and description alongside the link, which describes its content to your friend network. If you aren't satisfied with the text Facebook pulls by default, change i

Nokia 6500 Slide - The Perfect Slider Phone

Nokia 6500 Slide has almost every stunning feature as well as great looks. Its physical and operational features has attracted a large amount of public.

HTC Desire HD - Truly a Desirable Phone to Fascinate You

HTC Desire HD is a great contribution by HTC in the arena of 3G handsets. This highly capable smartphone was previously rumored as HTC Ace. Moreover, it works on Android operating system version 2.2 (Froyo) ...

Intex I-buddy Connect

The Intex I-Buddy Connect is an android tablet phone from Intex. It runs on the Android 4.0.4 Ice cream sandwich OS with 1 GHZ Cortex A8 processor with 1 GB RAM and has GPU.

The Mobile Phones of the Future

The future of mobile phone technology is a topic that holds unlimited potential. As with any other consistently evolving technological device, mobile phones are constantly being updated each day with newer models and enhanced functions. This, coupled with the technology currently researched will pro

What Is GPRS for on Phones?

On a mobile phone, packet-switching technology, such as the General Packet Radio Service, facilitates the transferring of data from the 2G network to the phone, and vice versa. GPRS enables mobile phones to access the Internet, send and receive multimedia messages and run network-based video games.

10 Success Traits Of Mobile Marketers Who Succeed

As a mobile marketer you may have seen two people start a business concurrently. After some time, one is wildly successful the other a complete failure. Though these people were endowed with the same resources and the two had the desire to succeed, you may have been puzzled by the huge variance. Wel

How Do Prepaid Cell Phones Work?

With the latest financial recession sweeping all over the globe, people have become wary of committing on any long term commitments and this has seen the emergence of the prepaid cell phones. Many people are trading out their cell phone contracts and opting for short term prepaid cell phones.

HTC Snap - a handset with All Ideal Features

The model "HTC Snap" is a marvelously formed handset with sturdy looks and styling. Though, the main intend of this handset is to work as PDA, it wraps all functions which come packed in this ...

Cell Phone Antenna Boosters

Cell phone antenna boosters will be able to help you avoid dropped calls. They also work wonders to improve reception and reduce static during phone conversations. There are some areas in your home and neighborhood that may have weak cellular signals. These include basements, elevators, buildings, b

How to Make Text Paths in Illustrator CS5

Text paths allow you you to type vertical or horizontal text that follows a path within Illustrator CS5. For this feature to work, there must be a pre-existing, graphical path on which you place the text. These paths can be any line or shape. After you add the text to the path, the path itself becom

How to Reprogram a Verizon Phone

Programming a Verizon phone is necessary any time there are big changes made on an account. Reprogramming can also be used to manually assign the cell phone to a new tower.

Reverse Cell Phone Lookup - How And Why To Lookup Cell Phone Numbers

Reverse phone directories are easily found on the Internet, but not all are the same.The hard part is finding a reputable one that can quickly and easily furnish accurate and up-to-date reports.If you know what characteristics you are looking for a reverse phone directory, the process of locating on

How to Remove and Replace a Battery From a Palm Pixi

The Palm Pixi, a slim, black cellphone offered through Sprint, has a 2.63-inch touch screen, 2-megapixel camera and QWERTY keyboard. The device receives power from a lithium-ion rechargeable battery that also provides approximately five hours of talk time between charges. The battery is located at t

How to Detect a Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a form of wireless technology used to connect various devices together. It is featured on many phones, laptops, MP3 players, headsets and other portable devices. Bluetooth devices can detect one another when they are switched on -- once a device is detected, a connection can be made, al

Top Five Mobile Phone Accessories

There are hundreds of thousands of mobile accessories out there so this is going to be hard to just narrow it all done to five.

Sophisticated Handsets From a Sophisticated Brand

Motorola mobile phones are considered the best mobile phones among mobile phones in the world of wireless communication. Motorola has made its products with highly technologically sound Research and Development team. It had engineered its each and every handset with utmost care and knowledge. That&a