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How to Make Passion Flower Herbs

Around the world, over 500 species of plants in the genus Passiflora can be found naturalized in meadows, along stream banks and decorating fence lines. The majority of the many species are tender evergreen tropical vines, commonly known as passion flowers. The species Passiflora incarnata is an exc

The Best Time to Plant Pine Trees in South Carolina

Pine trees are one of the most common trees in South Carolina. They are planted for their natural beauty and also for their lumber. Species grown in the Palmetto State include the longleaf, loblolly, slash, spruce and white pines. Deciding when to plant your tree depends on how you received it from

How to Garden Eggplant in a Container

Container gardens allow you to grow vegetables, such as eggplant, outdoors in limited space. Eggplants are warm-weather plants that do not tolerate frost. The plants are often purchased from nurseries as seedlings, or the seeds are started indoors to prevent damage from frost. Growing eggplant in a

Backyard Fig Trees

A deciduous tree, the fig (Ficus carica) can attain a height of up to 50 feet but normally averages only 10 to 30 feet. In regions with excessive frost, the tree develops multiple stems, according to the California Rare Fruit Growers.

How to Buy Old Country Roses

"Old country roses" usually means older rose varieties often found growing in country gardens.These are frequently species, also known as "wild" roses, or old varieties. To find desirable varieties, start with an illustrated reference source, such as Peter Beales "Classic Roses."

What to Do if Your Plant Breaks in Your Garden

Sometimes plant pieces -- stems, canes or limbs -- break off. The causes can range from high winds to human error, but the result is the same. The solution to a broken plant depends on a variety of factors, including the kind of plant, the severity of damage and the time of year.

Do Hyacinth Bulbs Need to Be Protected From Frost?

Hyacinths are hardy, spring-flowering perennials. These cold-weather flowers grow from bulbs. Hyacinth bulbs that are buried in the ground rarely need protection from frost. Bare bulbs, stored in open trays or bags for later planting, should be kept at about 45 to 50 degrees F in a frost-protected a

Jade Tree Information

The jade tree plant has many ornamental uses, both in the garden and as an indoor plant, and can be grown to different sizes for different purposes. As the jade tree prefers an environment of arid, desert-like conditions this affects the way the tree is cared for and the season during which it bloo

How to Grow Mushrooms on an Old Stump

Shiitake and oyster mushrooms are easy to grow in a small outdoor area. All you need is access to some healthy hardwood, such as oak, and mushroom spawn. Mushroom spawn is commercially available and ready to use. After the initial set-up of the logs, growing mushrooms is not labor intensive. The log

Squash Bugs on Grapevines

Squash bugs are gray or black with orange and brown stripes on their abdomens. Their flattened appearance and body shape, along with the unpleasant odor they emit when crushed, means they're often confused with their close relative, the stinkbug. However, squash bugs feed on cucurbit crops like squa

How to Grow Wax Begonias

Wax begonias are perennials that are typically grown as annuals. They grow up to 16 inches in height, and produce flowers during summer and fall months. The blossoms can be white, pink, red or a combination of the three. Wax begonias are best bought in cell packs or planters that are already started

Types of Bamboos

Bamboo can be divided by growth patterns.Bamboo image by AzamSa'ad from Fotolia.comBamboo is becoming a more common plant in the United States due to increased popularity and commercialization. Bamboo fabric and manufactured planks are being marketed based on their environmental benefits,...

The Best Fruit Trees to Buy

Trees that bear fruit not only provide edible end products after a growing season, they also provide beautiful natural color to a garden or natural fence. Of course, not all fruit trees are created equal and, depending upon where a tree is planted, some fruit trees are the best possible to purchase

Grapevine Pruning Methods

Well-maintained grapevines not only produce delicious fruit, they provide shade and beauty. Grapevines are fast-growing and can quickly become unproductive masses of branches and twigs if not properly cared for. Unfortunately, most gardeners do not prune their grapevines nearly enough, says Bernadin

Why Won't Flowers Grow Under a Quaking Aspen?

In cases where lawn grass doesn't thrive under trees, people often consider creating a flowerbed, rather than leaving the space bare. The same challenges that make it difficult to keep turf grass alive affect flowering plants, however. While quaking aspen trees don't release a toxin into the soil as

The Planting Zones in Florida

The U.S. Department of Agriculture recognizes four distinct planting or hardiness zones in Florida. These zones are a general guideline for people living the area as to what plants should flourish given the average climate and conditions. On a scale from 1 to 11, Florida ranges from 8a to 11. Even i

The Uses of the Banana Plant

The banana plant, often mistaken for a tree, is a giant, 15- to 30-foot perennial herb native to Southeast Asia. Though the plant is best known for producing bananas, all parts of the plant -- the flowers, sap, leaves, stem and even the banana peels -- have important applications in medicine and ind

How to Transplant & Hydrate Blueberry Bushes

Blueberry plants need adequate sunlight, acidic soil and enough space for healthy growth. Planting blueberries in a location that doesn't meet its growing requirements forces the gardener to transplant to another area of the yard. Other factors that contribute to moving the plant include pest infest

How to Grow Chia in Soil

Chia grass isn't just hair for ceramic heads. You can also trim it and add it to salad greens and homemade juice. Pets can also safely nibble on this grass; cats love it for aiding digestion, while rabbits and birds can enjoy it as a weekly treat. It may also deter them from eating your good housepl

About Aerosols

The term "aerosol" has many different meanings and connotations. An aerosol is any kind of a particle suspension within a gas. For instance, smoke and fog are both examples of aerosols. The term aerosol also refers to aerosol sprays and aerosol spray cans.