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How to Identify Grub Damage From a Fungus

Grub damage and fungal disease result in similar symptoms in a lawn. Patches of thinning, yellowing grass with poor growth eventually gives way to dead patches throughout the landscape. A close inspection of the turf grass, along with a consideration of the time of year and recent weather conditions

Three Types of Soil Based on Particle Size

Soil can be classified by different characteristics. One of the most important characteristics of soil is the texture. The texture, along with the organic content and pH, determines how well a plant will grow without any interference. The texture of a soil is determined by the minerals, water and ai

How to Attach Flowers to a White Satin Pillow for a Casket

Satin pillows are usually small, about 6 to 8 inches wide, and are designed to hold a small flower bouquet. They are pinned inside the casket lid or to the lining near the deceased's body. The satin pillows come in several shapes, including heart, cross and square. Pin or tie flowers to the pillow t

How to Get Rid of Viney Weeds

Vines can eat away at your plants and attach themselves to your home. Removing the weeds can seem like a overwhelming, backbreaking task. However, if done correctly, your yard can be vine-free. Using the right tools and precautions can prevent the vines from growing back without harming your yard. Y

Description of a Fir Tree

True fir trees belong to the genus Abies, with 11 different species growing in North America. They are well-shaped, attractive trees. According to the National Christmas Tree Association, that attractive shape puts balsam fir, Fraser fir and noble fir among the most popular species for use as Christ

How to Trim a Ming Aralia

Ming aralias are beautiful and long-lived cultivars with Asian heritage. Grown as hedges in tropical Asian climates, the Ming aralia is prized in the United States as a beautiful, exotic and low-maintenance houseplant that can live for decades. Ming aralias can be grown outdoors in Southern Florida

Nematodes and Tomato Plants in California

Tomatoes are often planted in California gardens and generally do well in the state's abundant sunshine. Nematodes are a common pest that can threaten the health and production potential of the tomato plant.

What Conditions Do Seeds Need to Germinate?

During germination, the plant embryo emerges from inside the seed coating.Jupiterimages/ ImagesGerminating seeds is an exciting and interesting way to increase your garden variety. During germination, seeds come out of their dormant state and burst through the seed...

How to Sterilize Orchid Pots

Orchids are not your typical houseplant and require some extra attention when being potted or re-potted. Orchids should be moved to a slightly bigger pot once they've overgrown the edges of their current home. Preparing the pot is a little more involved than just rinsing it off. There are two method

Late Summer Blooming Plants

Asters brighten summer's last stand with stunning shades of purple, magenta and blue.aster image by Irina Kodentseva from Fotolia.comLate summer-blooming plants are prized by gardeners: they bring a refreshing burst of color and cheer to the landscape after most other perennials have...

Insects That Eat Hostas

A few insects that eat hostas include earwigs, grasshoppers and black vine weevil. Hostas, originally coming to the U.S. in the 1800s, are hardy perennial plants and can be grown in the shade. Hostas come in a variety of colors such as yellow, blue, gold and green. Some have a variegated...

How to Grow Tea in a Greenhouse

Greenhouses are gardener's necessity if you are growing delicate teas in an area where the fall and winter can be harshly cold and long. The greenhouse helps to mimic ideal conditions for the tea plants, providing ample sunlight and maintaining humidity when outdoor conditions are cold. When you are

What Part of the Flower Holds the Nectar?

Plants make flowers so they can make seeds that produce new plants. Flowers come in many sizes and varieties. Some are large and bright to attract insects, birds and animals for pollination, while others are nearly invisible because they rely on wind or other methods to reproduce. But all flowers ha

Wild Lily of the Valley Adaptations

Wild lily of the valley (Maianthemum canadense) is not the true lily of the valley. It is a North American wild flower that grows in deciduous and coniferous forests. Its other names include Canadian mayflower, two-leafed Solomon's seal and false lily of the valley. This plant's adaptations allow it

Plant Care for Orchid Leaves

Orchids are slender plants that are relatively easy to care for. Orchids can be grown in the ground outdoors, as well as in a pot inside your home. Orchids prefer temperatures ranging from about 60 degrees Fahrenheit to about 80 degrees Fahrenheit. They do well in environments with some humidity. If

How to Garden Tomatoes in Containers

Growing tomatoes in a container yields many benefits. By controlling the soil composition, gardeners provide the exact conditions needed to produce the highest yield. Pest and disease control is also easier with container gardening, as the plant is cultivated in sterile soil free from fungi, parasit

The Growing Gestation of Pinto Beans

Pinto beans are in the mottled class of dry beans and account for the largest dry bean production in the country, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Pinto beans are easy to grow in areas with long, warm growing seasons.

Aloe Vera Plant Help

Aloe vera (Aloe barbadensis), also called burn plant, belongs in the Liliaceae family. References show its medicinal use dating back 6,000 years, according to Arizona Cooperative Extension. Even today, many commercial products contain aloe vera. It is a hardy plant when grown in proper conditions. G

How to Do a Soil Perk Test

A soil perk or perc test, short for percolation, is a simple test designed to measure the rate at which water is absorbed and travels through the soil in a given area. Perc tests are required for determining the appropriateness and type of septic systems and leach fields in any given area. Water is