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Gas Vs Wood Fire Pits

Traditional fire pits have used wood as a fuel source. Newer designs have incorporated propane gas as a fuel source. By understanding the differences between gas and wood fire pits you can make a better decision as to which fire pit is right for you.

The Best Cylinder Lawn Mowers

Not all cylinder lawn mowers are the same. Certain models offer specific features that help you achieve superior cutting results and are a better value for your money than others. In fact, some of the best performing cylinder lawn mowers are priced economically.

Factors in Choosing Iron Fencing

People who choose to purchase steel garden and driveway gates, or iron railings to surround their home are often looking to make a statement rather than merely secure the perimeter of their property. And the type of materials chosen invariably end up making a statement about the people doing the pur

Get Some Shade This Summer

The Ancient Egyptians and later the Greeks and Romans all used fabric to create shade. In Rome the Colosseum was shaded with large canvas "sails" that were pulled into place by Roman sailors. It was with the invention of a far more durable and relatively inexpensive fabric called shade clo

10 Gallon Terrarium Ideas

Although terrariums are in all shapes and sizes, a 10-gallon terrarium allows you the space to create an environment where your imagination can run wild. A terrarium lets you to bring the beauty of the outdoors inside, particularly if you live in an apartment with limited outdoor space or work in an

To What Are Moths Attracted?

The majority of moths are attracted to the moon, other light sources and fabrics. It's common knowledge that moths flock to light sources, but a lesser known fact is that the attraction has less to do with light than confusion. Moths use light as a navigation tool, though a number of theories explai

How to Decorate a Metal Shed

Metal sheds have become commonplace in recent years as useful storage space. They offer a low-cost alternative to renting storage units on a monthly basis and the convenience of having the items on your own property. However, many metal sheds aren't very attractive, but you can take some of these st

Reasons to Use Solar String Lights For Home Decorations

When it comes to the holiday season, there is no better way to decorate your home and garden then to use solar string lights. The following are just some of the additional reasons to purchase solar outdoor lighting to add some flare to the exterior of your home.

How to Install Cedar Fence Pickets

A cedar picket fence can make a great addition to any home. Cedar is a hardy wood that will withstand the elements and is naturally resistant to insects such as termites. Whether replacing existing pickets or starting from scratch, the key to a strong fence is a solid frame. The posts should be well

Garden Fountains: A Sight to Behold

There are lots of factors why people enjoy having garden fountains in their homes. In addition to their artistic purposes, garden fountains serve much more uses than what meets your eyes. In today's hectic world, garden fountains gives a respite from the hectic lifestyle helping to lessen the p

How to Care for a Fan Palm Tree

Although there are several palm trees that bear fronds in the shape of a fan, "fan palm" refers to Washingtonia robusta, or the Mexican fan palm. This fast-growing tree produces a single trunk that reaches heights of over 100 feet. Fan palm trees are a snap to care for when grown within Zones 8 thro

Tree Services Toward Choosing the Right Tree

Growing plants in your property is a very simple means to highlight beautification of the place and giving shade and protection during seasonal changes. Not to mention, it also improves the privacy that your property deserves to have. Also, it can add up to the value of your real estate-something th

How to Make Mortarless Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are used to level out a sloped yard to create more usable space. Homeowners may shy away from this project if they are envisioning heavy stones set with mortar. However, there is a much simpler approach to tackle this project in just one weekend. Stackable retaining wall blocks are h

Get the Most Attractive Concrete Landscape Borders

Creating a clean and beautiful environment around your home or business is important. The way you and your guests feel about your surroundings is influenced largely by landscaping. Create-A-Curb, Inc. offers an innovative approach to ...

How to Prepare a Yard for Landscaping

The excitement of starting your landscaping job leaves you ready to jump right in with the project. Before you get too excited, take the time to prepare the area for the changes that will take place. Having a clean slate that is fully prepared for the project makes the actual landscaping go much fas

The Best Way To Decide Upon An Electric Lawn Mower

No matter if you are hoping to enhance your existing electric lawn mower, or you basically just would prefer something that will get the project done, you might take the following into account. The following ...

How to Remove Graffiti From a PVC Fence

PVC vinyl fencing is a sensible choice to mark boundaries around properties, because it is virtually maintenance-free. Unlike wood fencing, the PVC is non-porous, so it easily resists damage like staining, mildew and mold that often occurs on wood fencing. A regular spray down with a hose or wipe wi

What Causes Cloudiness in Swimming Pools?

Cloudy pool water is a symptom of a chemical problem.swimming pool image by apeschi from Fotolia.comNothing looks more inviting than a pool of crystal blue water on a hot summer day. Pool owners know that maintaining that pristine beauty is hard work and sometimes battling cloudy or milky...