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Water Discoloration

Have you seen 'muddy brown' water coming from your faucet, and wondered what would happen if you and other material items were exposed to it?

Dryer Vents and Fire Safety

As clothing tumbles dry airborne water vapors get forced out of the dryer vent to the exterior of the home. Most clothing dryers have a gas burner or are operated by electricity. Both types of dryers push warm air against the tumbling clothes. This tumbling and hot air circulation evaporates the wat

Tips on How to Repair Your Own Window Blinds

If you have defective blinds, do you instantly call your neighborhood handy man to fix the problem? Or, do you consider this a do-it-yourself opportunity for yourself?

Security Toilets

Security Toilets are required in locations in which the user has indicated he/she is a security threat to others or to himself/herself. They are commonly found in jails, prisons, courthouses, mental h

Steel Basement Windows - A Two-Way Street

If you're looking for a basement finishing, installing reliable basement windows may be the finishing touch your basement needs to add beauty and light to your home.But not all basement windows are created equal.This article covers the best and worst of basement windows and gives tips on how to

Colour Changing LED Light Kits

Colour changing LED kits are becoming very popular. The author considers when and how to use them, and some applications they are not suitable for. There are also colour changing LED bulbs which are discussed as well.

Why You Can Benefit From a Self-Storage Facility

Everyone has things they may not necessarily have room for in their homes but that they simply cannot, or don't want to, part with. For those people, self storage can be the perfect option. S

Why Call An Emergency Plumbing Repairs Company?

If you suddenly experience any residential or commercial plumbing emergency, time is one thing you do not have. The longer you leave the situation unattended, the worse it will get. Plumbing repairs are almost always urgent. Some problems arise from issues that have been around for some time, like l

Water Restoration Contractors

It is not an easy job to locate a reliable water restoration contractor.You actually need one when you have some kind of water damage either in your residential or commercial premises. So, at the time when you are in desperate need for a water restoration contractor, the mishap has already occurred,

A Garage Floor Covering Protects Your Investment

Life can be very complex and we should take advantage of every moment that we can get to classify as free time. It's certainly true that cleaning is one of our least favorite jobs, yet we seem to be doing more and more of it. In your garage, there always seems to be a mess that needs to be clea

Buying Racking and Shelving

Are you thinking about buying racking and shelving for your home or business? In this article we are going to give you 3 tips for choosing what is right for you.


Solar air conditioners function either through solar thermal energy or through photovoltaic conversion. The first uses heat collectors to collect heat, and warms water to drive absorption chillers; th

The Benefits Of A Climate-Controlled Self-Storage Unit

Do I need a climate-controlled self storage unit? One of the biggest concerns regarding putting household items into a self storage unit is what kind of shape your things will be in when the time comes to pull them out. Since the 90's, more and more self-storage units are coming equipped with a

Overhead Garage Doors and Garage Floors

Just as window treatments and carpets are meant to match inside of your home, a concrete overlay or concrete resurfacing for your driveway should match a garage door. The garage door and the driveway are two key components to curb appeal, as any concrete companies can assure you.

Add a Finishing Touch to Your Home With Window Blinds

Someone who wants to make their home complete should seriously considering investing in a new set of window blinds. Investing may well be the right word to use, because not only do window blinds work wonders for the home decor, they also protect the sun from beating down in your face making your liv

The Differences Between Dampwood and Drywood Termites

Dampwood and drywood termites will both destroy your home, if you let them. There are some important differences between the two types, however, that might affect the amount and type of damage done to