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Tribal Textile's Great Beauty

Indian tribal textiles have a long and interesting history.They have been traded all over the world for centuries.

How to Make an Existing Backsplash a Lighter Color

Many kitchen decors are enhanced by making the back backsplash a lighter color than the countertop. This provides a visual demarcation between the counter and the backsplash, giving the area a whole different look and feel. This enhancement to the decor in a kitchen is implemented with moderate effo

How to Refill Vintage Lava Lamps

A lava lamp is a decorative lamp that contains wax set over a light to emulate the look of lava. As the wax is warmed by the light, it moves through the lamp, creating a distinctive and unique effect. If you have a vintage lava lamp that has been shaken or dropped, you can refill the water with a sp

Decorating Ideas and Tips for Home Interior Designs

An important aspect of home decorating is choosing home decorating fabric. When picking a theme such as Victorian, Modern or Oriental, the choice of fabric makes a difference to the overall theme. There are many ...

How to Paint Pine Wood Paneling

Pine wood paneling was once the rage. Homes everywhere had 1970's style wood paneling installed on the walls. Today pine wood paneling is far from attractive to many homeowners, but wood paneling is expensive to replace. By painting, many homeowners have found an easy and cost effective way to remov

Let Your Home Walls Stand Out and Look Great

Some of the most innovative items aren't known about until one finds a need or problem that needs to be solved and that includes the best way to decorate a home or any type of dwelling that exists. There are many ways to do that and the fact is, any way you choose to do it, there are some pros

How Canvas Prints Can Liven Up Your Decor

If you are buying a new house or fancy a spot of redecorating, why not consider a canvas print to fill that space on the wall? Canvas prints instantly add colour and vivacity to any room, and will dramatically enhance the ambiance of your home.

How to Convert a Sofa Into a Sleeper

The makers of sofa sleepers, including such manufacturers as La-Z-Boy and Ikea, create their sofas to easily convert from a sofa into a sleeper. Manufacturers primarily offer two kinds of sofa beds: those that contain the bed under the cushions of the sofa, and "futon-style" in which the entire sofa

How to Decorate the Top of Kitchen Cabinets With Baskets

A quick and easy decorating fix for a kitchen is to add wicker baskets to the top of kitchen cabinets. Available in many styles, colors and shapes, wicker is perhaps one of the more useful accessories to place in any room. Wicker is washable, can be painted and provides an attractive accent as well

Why Is My Kitchenaid Artisan Mixer Dripping Oil From the Beater Stem?

Grease is the word. Grease is what lubricates and keeps KitchenAid stand mixers running smoothly for decades. When a user notices any oil dripping from the beater stem or anywhere else on a KtchenAid Artisan or any other stand mixer it means the grease has separated, and therefore needs replacement.

How to Design a Headboard With a Baseball Theme

Whether it's intended for a real child or just a kid at heart, decorating a baseball fan's headboard with a baseball theme is a great way to prove one's team spirit. Designing the headboard means you'll have to think about how you'll use colors and logos and other baseball-related graphics to fit th

Rubbermaid Wire Shelf Instructions

Rubbermaid wire shelving units come in sets of three. They are typically designed for use in a laundry room, store room or closet. Attaching the brackets, shelf holders and shelves correctly is essential. Follow safety recommendations and correct assembly procedures so that your shelves will be stro

Proper Bed Frame Support for Serta Queen Mattress

A Serta-brand mattress can be an excellent long-term investment. A quality mattress, if taken care of properly, can last several years and provide comfortable sleep and a better feeling throughout the next day. Because modern mattresses can be bulkier and heavier than their less-padded older counter

How to Read Grain Direction in Wood

Whenever you are cutting, sanding, painting or staining wood, knowing the direction in which the grain of the wood travels is vital to success. Performing any of these tasks against the grain of the wood will create an uneven, rough and unattractive finish that will mar the surface of whatever you i

How to Paint a 1950s Pink Living Room

If you are one of the many people who are nostalgic for the 1950s, consider converting your living room into a 1950s-style space. Start off by finding a nice shade of pink for the living room. Pink was a very popular color for interior home design in the American 50s lifestyle. Painting your living

Why Buy Home Essentials When You Can Rent-To-Own?

Setting up a new home involves hard work and money. To begin with, you need to get in touch with a good moving company and take care of the many logistics involved. Moving homes can ...

How to Easily Clean a Crystal Chandelier

Crystal chandeliers are a beautiful addition to any home, but their beauty is seriously diminished if they are covered by dirt and grime. Neglected chandeliers need to be taken apart to be cleaned, which is a time-intensive process. Thankfully, there is an easier way to clean a chandelier if you are