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Tenant's Rights on Carpets

When it comes to replacing carpet in a rental unit, there are certain circumstances in which a landlord is obligated to pay for the replacement costs. At other times, the tenant must pay to replace the carpet. Local laws vary, but some general rules apply in almost any jurisdiction.

How to Iron a Graduation Gown

As a graduate prepares for her big commencement day, many details will fill the schedule. Do not overlook one seemingly small detail by forgetting that your graduation gown may have unsightly wrinkles. Because of the packaging, when you remove your graduation gown from the plastic, it likely has fol

Air Conditioner Leaking in the Condensate Pan

Air conditioners work to cool your house in two ways. They cool the air by reducing indoor air temperature, dumping heat outside of your home. They also reduce indoor humidity by using technology similar to that used in a dehumidifier. By dehumidifying the air, air conditioners make the indoor clima

How to Kill Mold in Thermos

No matter how often or thoroughly you clean your thermos, there's always the chance of mold getting in there. This doesn't mean it's curtains for your favorite thermal drink container: Cleaning the mold out of a thermos is a cakewalk, and it shouldn't take you more than a few minutes.

How to Identify Aphids on Hibiscus

The hibiscus is a beautiful flowering plant that gives any garden a taste of the tropics. Popular among gardeners, it easily transitions from its summer home on the patio to the indoor garden in the winter. However, the hibiscus is susceptible to several pests, primarily aphids. It is important to i

Preventing Mold on Hard Wood Mulch

Using mulch around trees, shrubs and in your garden keeps in moisture by preventing rapid evaporation. Hardwood mulch benefits the soil by adding nutrients as it decays and keeps the soil at a constant temperature year round. Mold, however, forms from the lack of oxygen combined with too much moistu

Homemade Tarragon Vinegar

Tarragon vinegar is used for a variety of purposes. Commonly used in cooking and a common ingredient in salad dressings, it is also used in herbal remedies and is believed by some to have medicinal properties. Tarragon vinegar is available in supermarkets, gourmet markets and specialty food websites

How to Remove Spray Paint From Trees

Airless spray rigs offer speed and convenience that simple rollers and paintbrushes do not. Thanks to these modern machines, most exterior paint jobs can be accomplished in half the time they used to take. However, anyone who has ever used an airless sprayer knows that it is virtually impossible to

How Do Dryer Sheets Reduce Static Cling?

The ProblemMany chemicals go into doing laundry. Detergent is an anionic agent with surfactants to lift dirt out of clothing. A softener is a cationic agent with an inorganic hydrophobic chain to relax the clothes and provide a pleasant scent. Softeners can be added only during the rinse...

How to Get Paint Smudges Off Leather

Accidents with paint happen all too often. The resulting spills and stains can occur in some pretty undesirable places, such as leather clothing or furniture. Because leather is so soft and absorbent, smudges or a residue may remain on the leather item even after you initially clean off the paint. R

How to Clean Oriental Screens

Cleaning oriental screens (shoji screens) is a fairly straightforward process, as long as you use the appropriate cleaning agents for the different media that comprise the screen. Since most oriental screens are made partially of lacquered wood and partially of heavy-duty paper, there will be two p

How to Use a CST/Berger 58-TAP Trivet

Interior construction work requires precision tools for aligning walls, corners and floors. Many construction professionals use self-leveling lasers, such as the CST/Berger MP5, for ensuring a plumb drywall and framing project. The laser requires certain accessories for proper setup and accurate pos

How to Get a Smell out of an Old Wooden Trunk

An old wooden trunk that's been stored in an attic or basement for many years may reveal family treasures, or at least memories. It may also contain odor-causing mildew and mold. The first step in removing any odor from an old trunk is to go through the contents, discarding any ruined items and rest

How to Remove Motor Oil Smells

Motor oil has many applications today aside from its use in cars. It can be used as a lubricant for other vehicles, and it can also be used in recipes as a lubricating agent for things like gears, guns and hinges. The smell of motor oil is extremely pungent and can absorb into clothes, cars and home

How to Clean Mold Off Travertine

Travertine is a natural stone, frequently used for counter tops, flooring and shower tile. Because it's a type of limestone, travertine is very porous and susceptible to stains in everyday use. Travertine should always be sealed when used in the home, but even so, it can still attract mold in its cr

Effects of Surface Finish on the Resistance of Metals

The surface of a finished metal piece is the product of a process that not only makes metal pieces attractive, but also gives it an attractive look. Metal finishing is not a singular process. There are several ways that the surface finish is accomplished, from abrasion to heat and even chemical fini

How to Get Mildew Stains Out of Canvas

Canvas fabric is durable and has a number of outdoor uses. However, using canvas outdoors means it is more likely to develop mold and mildew problems than most indoor fabrics. There are several manufactured products that effectively clean mildew out of canvas, but safety precautions are necessary wh

How to Clean Used Shoes

Shoes easily harbor bacteria and fungus, which can live for a while in the shoes under the right conditions. When you acquire used shoes, you may have paid much less (or even nothing) compared to buying a new pair, but you certainly don't want to get a surprise bonus with the shoes in the form of a