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Do it Yourself Insulation of House Walls

The easiest and most effective way to insulate a wall in your home is to staple up paper-backed fiberglass insulation between the studs while the wall is open for new construction or remodeling. But if that moment has passed and you're dealing with a closed, hollow wall, the next choice is to blow i

How to Make a Bedroom in the Rec Room

The family rec room represents a place where your family can come to unwind and have fun. It's also a room that could be used for other purposes if the need arises. If you have guests coming and need to set an area of your home up for them to sleep in, consider converting the rec room. With the prop

How to Install Stair Spindles

Stair spindles help to support the hand railing and offer added safety to avoid falling and slipping between the hand railing and staircase or floor. Stair spindles also add style and elegance to your staircase. Whether your current spindles need replacing or you are installing spindles from scratch

How to Fix Drywall Around a Light Socket

Incorrectly fixing drywall around a light socket can leave the light socket wobbly. Additional problems include leaving gaps between the drywall and the casing. Correctly repairing the drywall ensures that the socket remains firmly fixed in the wall and the drywall fits flush around the entire socke

How to Stage Backsplash Tiles in Kitchens

The kitchen is probably the most used room in a home and the place where a family gathers for meals and celebrations. For these reasons, it is a room that is often updated with new flooring, counters, cabinets and backsplash. Installing a new tile backsplash is uncomplicated process, but it requires

Where Can I Find Replacement Windows for My Home?

Buying replacement windows can be difficult, because they are not typically found in hardware stores or online. Purchasing replacement windows usually requires finding the right commercial building supply shop and may require a business license. For these reasons, buying replacement windows can be d

Normal Indoor Radon Levels

Radon is a naturally occuring radioactive gas that emanates from the earth and can sometimes be found in water. You cannot see, smell or taste radon. Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in my most countries across the globe, including the United States. Any exposure increases one's cha

Alternative Home Insulation Ideas

Insulation is critical to a house's efficiency.spiraling insulation image by jbattx from Fotolia.comIt's important to reduce the environmental impact of home insulation, but in the dead of winter it's just as important to stay warm. New and innovative forms of home insulation need to be...

How to Install an Over the Top Handrail

Over-the-top handrails sit on top of newel posts. This gives the handrail a continuous look as it runs down a staircase or along a balcony. Once the newel posts have been set in place, you can install the handrail. To do this, you will need to attach the handrail to fittings. This will keep the hand

Idaho Manufactured Home Installation Standards

As with any construction, Idaho has state standards for manufactured home installation. Although your contractor will be familiar with the state's criteria, as a consumer it's wise to know the standards for the installation of your new home.

How to Measure for a Countertop Template

Countertops are sold by the square foot, but you have to know the linear measurements needed for the new fixture before you can order it. By sectioning your counter into rectangular sections, you can obtain an accurate measurement that can be transferred to a template. Take your measurements and the

How to Drill Holes in Wood Paneling

Paneling is actual wood that covers the wall from top to bottom, so you shouldn't be able to see any of the product behind the paneling. However, if you plan to drill holes into the wood it helps to know what is behind the paneling. It could be drywall, more wood, brick or concrete. The material beh

How Do I Recoat a Hardwood Floor?

The shiny polyurethane finish on hardwood floors must be recoated every five to seven years to correct the appearance of scratches and scuff marks. If your wood floors have been waxed, all traces of the coating must be removed down to the original wood. If the floors are free from waxy buildup, howe

Framing Techniques for Garages

Any house-building technique will work equally well for garages. Framing techniques are identical in most ways. In practice there are a few differences in technique due to differing material and material sizes commonly used in garages.

How to Tear a Chimney Down From Inside the Attic

Chimney demolition can be a risky undertaking, particularly when you are dealing with knocking bricks out and standing on a roof at the same time. The taller your house is, the more likely it is that you're considering doing this work from inside the attic and avoiding risking your life to remove a

Remodeling Ideas for a Striking Bathroom

When homeowners view the bathroom as a sanctuary instead of a utilitarian space, they desire that it be more aesthetically appealing. To respond to this desire, each year designers and manufacturers introduce new bathroom products that help the bathroom serve as an extension of the home's...

DIY Parquet Floor Silencing

You're going to install an elegant parquet floor and you don't want to discover that it makes a lot of noise when you walk around, or possibly even creaks all by itself. Noisy parquet floors are disappointing, but there's no need to despair because they can be made quiet and smooth as well as beaut

How to Remove Old Vinyl Floors

After years of wear and tear, it may become necessary to replace old vinyl floors. Removing worn vinyl floors can be a challenge for anyone but it can be done. It will require time, patience and work to get the job done the correct way. When removing old vinyl floors, it is necessary to be careful n

How to Repair Ceramic Molds

Ceramic is wonderful mold-making material: it is easy to work with and inexpensive. However, ceramic molds are notoriously fragile once they have dried. Fortunately, ceramic molds often break along a clean line, so it is usually possible to repair a broken mold. If you have a ceramic mold with a cle

DIY Wood Beam

Many people live in homes with large or vaulted ceilings to which they would like to add architectural detail. Options include installing crown molding, however, it can have a small footprint that may not seem appropriate in size. Another option is to add decorative box beams that have a much larger