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Beckett Graded Cards

The Beckett Graded Cards provide a sub-grade to the cards that help in deciding the value of the card. The services provided by them are reliable and authentic and can be fully relied upon.

How to Make Candles From Scratch Using 6 Easy Techniques

Do you constantly find yourself picking up small pieces of used and old crayons? Have been thinking of how to get rid of empty milk cartons? Trash can be turned into a bin of hidden treasure, once you learned how to make candles from scratch alone.

Model Car Diorama Building Ideas

You have built many models but how do you display them? A diorama is a neat idea for those who want to showcase their models in a natural setting.

Jasper Pottery - Cameos and Other Classics

Jasper pottery is described to be fine-grained stoneware with hardness comparable to that of jasper. It is naturally white as Wedgwood was experimenting on ways to make porcelain when he developed this kind of pottery.

Buying A Good Pair Of Birding Binoculars

Offers high quality optics for birding enthusiasts and naturalists. Top Brands and low pricing on Zeiss, Leupold, Nikon, and others. Discounts up to 35% off.

Free Beading Patterns Can Provide Wonderful Results

If you were thinking that free beading patterns weren't worth looking at, you should think again. Some of these will help you to create beautiful pieces of jewelry as well as other items.

Candle Making Instructions Made Simple

Are you looking for candle making instructions on net? Then this is the right place for you to be. Candles are very popular nowadays and many people decorate their homes with perfumed, non-perfumed, designer candles and there are plenty of designs and perfumes to choose from.

Good Luck Charm Bracelet for a Good Luck Party

Nothing says good luck like a Good Luck party. This party is easy to plan and put together if you know where to look for supplies.However, you may have a little looking to do if you are looking to come up with a great Good Luck craft idea for the party.

As You Begin Loading the Kiln

Loading a kiln takes forethought and some knowledge in order to avoid destructive and expensive accidents.

How to Clean & Restore Antique Wood

If you enjoy collecting antique wood furniture and architectural woodwork like railings, you know that over time the woodwork can become dull and coated with grime. When that happens, it is necessary to clean it and restore the beauty of the original woodwork. But restoring antique wood is a process

Firearms Refinishing: Yes Or No?

Should you have a favorite hunting rifle refinished? Will you hurt the value of your classic handguns if you have them reblued? I hope to give you some answers in this article and inform you on what to do or not to do.

How to Carve Bone

The use of bone goes back to the Old Stone Age where early man made use of bones to carve jewelry, tools, weapons, needles and other utilities/ figurines etcetera. Bone has been the most treasured forms of carvings since they are intricate, flawless and nothing in comparison to even statues made fro

Marketing Handmade Products Online

Nearly every crafter in the world has considered a website in order to market their craft products online. The opportunities for selling your crafts are virtually limitless. You have access to an audience that you may never have otherwise been privy to.

American Recorder's Photo Studio In-A-Box

American Recorder Technologies has one of those products that you wonder why no one has done it before. Actually it's been done before in a much bigger and costlier version. But American Recorder's Photo Studio In-A-Box is a perfect fit for me.

Making Scented Candles - 3 Tips For the Perfect Candle

When making scented candles choose the best wax available for your project and budget. Paraffin and soy waxes are your cheapest and if you are planning on making a lot of scented candles they are your best choice. They are also good for making scented candles and if you are going to make a poured ca

3 Common Types of Clay Processing Equipment

There are three main types of machines that process clay for potters. These are the clay mixer, the pugmill, and the pugger-mixer. Find out what each of these can do.

Katie's Deck the Holly Card

Check out this photo of a 'Deck the Holly' card made and submitted by my daughter, Katie.