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How to Build Shelves on a Masonry Block Wall

Masonry block walls are commonly found in garages and basements. Since garages and basements are often used for storage, adding shelves to the walls in these areas makes a lot of sense. But if adding shelves to a masonry block wall has given you pause, don't hesitate any longer. With the right mater

How to Convert KML to eXplorist

KML files are used to present geographic data in programs such as Google Earth, Google Maps and Yahoo! Pipes. These files must then be converted to the file format read by your GPS before they can be used for driving directions or GPS tracking. As of 2011, GPSBabel is the only widely available freew

What Happens to the Trash in Landfills?

Every person in the world generates some form of trash. In fact, the Green Education Foundation reports that each U.S. citizen contributes one ton of trash each year to the country's waste management system. However, not all trash winds up in a landfill. Some trash is recycled, composted and even bu

Projects Using Copper Veneer

Copper veneer is a thin sheet of copper that is commonly used to cover large home furnishings and adorn smaller pieces of home décor. Most copper veneers are thin and malleable enough to bend and mold with your hands. Weathering copper, which can give it blue, green and brown hues, adds a uni

Scrub Habitats

Scrub habitats are a type of land with a low water table, maintained by fires that are caused by lightning. Soil is generally sandy, leaving it unable to hold rainwater and nutrients. Several sub-types of scrub habitats exist in various parts of the US where you will find some plants and wildlife th

How to Install Crawford's Wheel Spacers

Installing Crawford's wheel spacers on a remote control truck improves its stability, increasing the amount of control you have when steering the vehicle over rocks and other obstructions. The increased stability comes from the extended width between the tires after the wheel spacers are installed o

Tools for Piling & Lifting Wood

Moving wood is hard work.Logs image by Tjobbe from Fotolia.comWood weighs a lot and takes up a lot of room. Whether you're dealing with logs or finished lumber, it makes sense to move it in the most efficient way possible, to avoid excess labor and possible injury. People have been moving...

Description of a Shield Volcano Eruption

The three major types of volcanoes are differentiated by their structure. The stratovolcanoes build up from the accumulation of thick viscous lava flows. Cinder cones develop from violent eruptions with monstrous explosions ejecting cinders and smoke high into the air before falling back to the ea

Topics About the Abuse of Animals for a Research Paper

Animal abuse stems from a lack of proper treatment and appropriate conditions for animals. Animal rights groups emphasize keeping animals free from hunger, thirst, pain, disease and distress. Such groups argue that these needs are sometimes not met in situations in which animals are used for food or

How Are New Cells Produced?

New cells are produced by cell division. The two new cells produced when a cell divides are called daughter cells. When two daughter cells have the same number of chromosomes as the original cell, the process is called mitosis. Meiosis is a special type of cell division that halves the number of chr

How to Convert POP3 to IMAP in Thunderbird

Many email providers support account access via both the POP3 and IMAP protocols, and if you initially configured your account for the POP3 protocol in Thunderbird you may want to switch to IMAP for its ability to synchronize a single inbox between multiple computers while storing your messages on t

How to Make a Spoon Rest

Spoon rests make innovative gifts that recipients can actually use in their kitchens. Not only are spoon rests decorative additions to any kitchen, they serve a practical purpose as well by keeping spoons from dirtying clean countertops. Make your own spoon rest out of clay and decorate it in the st

Homemade Permanent Magnet Generator

An electric generator turns the energy of motion into electrical energy. In this sense it is the opposite of a motor, which turns electrical energy into motion. It can use any type of fuel to operate. Electric generators are used to either store electricity in batteries or to run equipment directly.

Information on How to Make Split Bottom Chairs

Split bottom chairs, also known as splint chairs or woven chairs, are usually made with split cane, bark strips or reed. The splint strips are woven to create a flexible seat bottom for the chair. There are many different patterns of weave you can follow when making a split bottom chair. Use a four-

How to Create a Weather Station at Home

Once citizen scientists set up their own laboratories and observatories and conducted field observations, collecting essential data that advanced science of the time. Even today, it’s still possible for you to help collect essential scientific data right in your own backyard. Become part of on

How to Refinish Synthetic Rifle Stocks

A synthetic stock will never match the beauty of a fine oil-finished walnut stock. However, synthetic stocks are far more rugged than a wood stock, and can be lighter as well. Besides, having a camouflage rifle may improve your hunting success, and nobody wants to cover up beautiful wood with a camo

Cell Fractionation Methods

Biologists often need to purify specific cell components or proteins from tissue samples as part of an experiment. The process by which they separate cells into their components is called cell fractionation. There are several steps to this process

How to Install an Xbox Spider Chip

The Xbox game console has limitations built into its operating system---for example, copies of a game disc will not play in the console, and you can't run games created by other Xbox owners. Installing the Xbox Spider chip into the circuit board removes these and other limitations, although doing so

How to Make a Reflective Laser Target

A laser target functions differently than a conventional target, which displays a hole when hit by a projectile. In contrast, a reflective surface on the laser target reflects the beam of the laser at an angle when hit. You can make a laser target using supplies from a hobby shop along with tools co

Questions About Plant Cells

All plants are composed of a network of cells.feuille image by razorconcept from Fotolia.comEverything is comprised of cells, though there are different types of cells, including plant and animal cells. Although cells are the basic unit of life, each individual cell is made up of...