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Stapedectomy - A Most Satisfying Surgical Procedure

Stapedectomy is most satisfying surgical procedure and in my twenty-two year stint as an ENT surgeon, and having witnessed and also performed the many and varied operations, I can think of fewer surgical procedures in which the quality of life of a patient has been improved. Though it is not a life-

What is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is the perception of noise when there is no corresponding noise external to the ear. It might be perceived in either ear or in both.

Methods Providing Tinnitus Relief

Tinnitus relief is possible with the use of various medicine systems. Some of the common methods used in the treatment include homeopathy, aromatherapy and tinnitus retraining therapy.

How Can I Stop Tinnitus?

Do you wonder how you can stop tinnitus? The fact remains the same that there are still no cures out there for tinnitus but the nice part is that with the way science is evolving there should be a cure soon. If you want to temporarily stop tinnitus then you are in luck, there are many ways that you

Different Means to Treat Tinnitus

Sometimes you listen to a never-ending buzzing in either one of your ears or both of them. At a certain level it may become irritating and develop insomniac tendencies among the sufferers. It also causes lack of attentiveness.

Perforated Eardrum & Flying

A perforated eardrum means that there is a tear or hole in the tympanic membrane, or eardrum. This can be caused by an increase in pressure, such as from diving, or a decrease, such as from flying in an airplane. This condition can cause severe pain and hearing loss.

Why Is the Ear So Prone to Infections?

Children and adults alike may develop the occasional ear infections. The ear pain, fullness and general malaise attributed to ear infections can be annoying. Luckily, the causes of ear infections, in most cases, are simple.

Get To Know More about - Cotton Diabetic Socks

You can purchase cotton diabetic socks through online or offline facility. These socks are a great relief to diabetic patients. People with diabetics need additional care and attention for their feet.

Completely in the Canal (CIC) Hearing Aids

Completely in the canal hearing aids (also known as CIC hearing aids) are, as the name suggests, hearingaids which fit entirelywithin the wearers ear canal.These revolutionary devices are the smallest hearing aids on the market and are invisible to the average observer who doesnt know they are there

A Hearing Aid Is an Eavesdropper's Asset

A hearing aid can be used listen to things that the average person would never be able to hear. Contrary to popular belief, the technology enhances sounds in a way different to natural hearing.

Tinnitus Natural Remedies

Tinnitus is a symptom that can be caused by many medical conditions ranging from constant exposure to loud noises, damage to the inner nerve endings of the hearing nerve, long term use of certain medi

Tinnitus Relief - Are There Any Remedies For Tinnitus Actually That Work?

For a long time tinnitus was thought to be a mysterious affliction that has no real cure, fortunately we now understand a lot more about the problem and currently there are a number of remedies for tinnitus. Tinnitus relief can be found in a number of different treatments, the only problem is no one

The Best Ways to Get Rid of Ear Wax

Hemera Technologies/ ImagesEar wax build up can cause earaches, dizziness and balance problems when the wax becomes excessive. Excessive wax in the ear canal can affect hearing as well. Before any of these symptoms occur, you should make an attempt to remove the wax...

How To Donate Hearing Aids

There are not enough hearing aids produced to fit all of the hearing impaired people in the world according to the World Health Organization. While 278 million people worldwide have some hearing impairment, only around 28 million hearing aids are produced each year. In the United States, one out of

Hearing Aid reviews for a better purchasing choice

If incase you are in find it difficult to listen to what others say, you have to keep your ears always to the ground in order to understand what the other person is speaking, if you feel embarrassed i

How to Make Ears Stop Ringing - 3 Tips to Help Cure Ringing Ear Problems

Ringing, buzzing and humming ears are extremely frustrating. This problem is more correctly known as tinnitus, and is experienced by quite a wide segment of the population at some stage or another during their lives. Despite how irritating it is now, you do not have to live with the difficulty that

How to Control Dizziness With Acoustic Neuroma

Acoustic neuroma is a typically non-cancerous brain tumor. It causes a variety of symptoms, including dizziness. You can do several things to address this dizziness, including medications and self-care.