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Review Article: Gastroparesis

The authors review current concepts of gastric motor function, etiology, investigation and treatment of gastroparesis.

Complications of Peptic Ulcer

Complications of peptic ulcer may include bleeding, perforation, penetration, or obstruction. BleedingPeptic ulcers sometimes bleed.Sometimes an ulcer may involve just the surface lining of the digestive tract. The person may then have a slow but constant loss of blood into the digestive tract. ...

The Epidemic of Fatty Liver Disease

New recommendations are available to help clinicians combat the growing problem of fatty liver disease in both adults and children.

Detecting Gas in a Home

Though most American homes use natural gas as their primary heating source, if you are not careful, it is potentially deadly. Carbon monoxide, or CO, is a deadly chemical that can build in the air inside your home. Because the symptoms of CO poisoning are similar to those of the flu, you may not rea

Can Children Get GERD?

When people think of Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), they may think that only adults suffer from this affliction. But children can and do suffer from GERD. Even infants suffer from gastro reflux.

Acid Reflux and Candidiasis - The Truth About Medication

Acid reflux may emerge and indirect effect of candidiasis. This article will discuss acid reflux and candidiasis. Acid reflux is presented as a form of symptom my friend has, as she also has candidiasis.

What You Need to Know About Acid Reflux

What exactly is acid reflux? It is basically a reaction when the food that travels from your throat to your stomach is not accepted and is rejected due to the acid content. For some reason, the stomach sometimes cannot handle the acid in your food. Although to digest food, your stomach develops an a

Hiatus Hernia Treatment

Hernia is the medical term for the projection or protrusion of an organ or any part of an organ through the cavity in which it is normally contained. A haitus or hiatal hernia occurs when the stomach is projected upwards and forced through the diaphragm, towards the esophagus. Normally, the diaphrag

Vinegar For Heartburn

If you suffer from chronic heartburn and have done any research on natural cures for heartburn, you will probably have run into the home remedy of using vinegar for heartburn. This seems strange to a lot of people since vinegar, as you probably know, is an acid and why would adding an acid to an alr

Approach to Recurrent Idiopathic Pancreatitis?

What is the recommended approach to acute recurrent idiopathic pancreatitis? The patient has had biliary sphincterotomy and cholecystectomy without benefit, and EUS and MRCP were also normal.

Instant Remedy for Acid Reflux

Acid reflux is a common disorder, especially in people over 50. The muscle at the bottom of the esophagus, called the lower-esophageal sphincter, weakens with age, contributing to symptoms of acid reflux. Being overweight, smoking and eating an unhealthy diet can all contribute to symptoms of acid r