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The Truth About Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are back. So just what are they and how can you tell if you have them?

My Quest in Finding a Night Sweats Remedy

I am a 25 year old male that lives in Hawaii and for the past 2 years I have suffered from night sweats. If you are reading this then you already know the irritation and frustration this can bring about. I have done my research to see what exactly can cause this excessive sweating and for a night sw

The Truth About Nightmares and Sleep

Are nightmares scaring the sleep out of you? Are you excessively tired during the day and worried about sleeping at night? If you're worried about recurring nightmares, or you just can't get it together during the day, read this article for insight on what you can do to find help.

Sleep Nutrition

Not getting the sleep you need? To get good deep sleep there are certain foods you should eat and foods you should avoid in order to close your eyes and get the best benefits from sleep.

5 Ways to Get More Sleep When You Travel Long Distances

If you are a business traveler that travels long distances regularly then you know how tough it can be to get the kind of restful and restorative sleep that you need when you're dealing with the demands of traveling. So how can you get the kind of recuperative sleep that you need when you'

Treating Sleep Apnea - Alternatives to CPAP Therapy

Many patients with sleep apnea have problems with their CPAP machine, and they can't tolerate anymore this situation. This article tells you other solutions to treat sleep apnea, using alternatives treatments.

How to Sleep Better - Sleep Habits That You Need to Know

Although many people are suffering from insomnia or sleeplessness, there are some simple ways that can help them get good sleep. Sleep habits and environmental factors can greatly affect sleep quality. This article will give you some important tips on how to sleep better.

Finding Your Ideal Mattress Store

Shopping at a mattress store is stressful and tiring, especially when you don't know if you've found the right place to shop. However, if you look for these two characteristics, you can easily identify where you'll get the best customer experience.

Common Sleeping Disorders

Although there are more than 70 recognized sleeping disorders, most of them are fairly unknown to the general public. Even so, sleeping disorders affect more than 35% of the population including children and adults of all ages.

Diagnosis of Insomnia

How do you know if you have insomnia? Understanding how this disorder is diagnosed and figuring out whether you have is something that can make your life much easier and it can tell you if you need to take serious steps when it comes to treating this problem. When you are looking to see whether you

Reasons To Get More Sleep

If you are feeling stressed out, you may feel batter if you get a goods night sleep.

Does Sleep Predict Your Health?

You already know the serious nature behind living a life in a sleep deprived state. Yet over 40% of Americans are walking around half baked for a lack of better terms. Sleep is a VERY important subject that I believe needs more focused attention.

How To Sleep Better And Bounce Out Of Bed Each Morning

Not being able to sleep is hard to cope with when it continues for any time. This is not only because you are lying awake at night, but also because it makes your days a struggle. The cycle of lying awake when you are tired, and having to keep going in the day time, with limited energy and concentra

Sleeping solutions for insomniacs

Sleep specialists promote natural sleeping remedies such as herbal remedies, food supplements and other alternative remedies for lack of sleep. Alternative methods for managing insomnia range from hyp

Visco Elastic Foam Mattress - What's the Big Deal?

If you are in the market for a new mattress then you have undoubtedly heard of the visco elastic foam mattress. This mattress is available from a variety of manufacturers with varying features but there are several things that are universal about this miracle mattress.

Interesting New Sleep Facts

Sleeping is so common and something that we do so often, most of us no longer give it a second thought. Even though we may spend a third or more of our life asleep, we may not be concerned about the details. However, the world of sleep can be quite fascinating. If we learn more about it, we can use

How What You Eat Affects Your Ability to Sleep

When someone is suffering form insomnia, they usually search high and low to find out the cause. The cause of your insomnia may be right in front of you: your diet. When you think about it, what we eat plays such a huge role but we often pay very little attention to it.

The Secret to a Good Night's Sleep

A good quality mattress set is vital for good sleep and health. Read this to find the best way to choose a high quality mattress set.