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Are You Causing Your Dry Hands?

Dry hands plague millions of people all over the world. Directly caused by a lack of moisture in the skin, dry hands left untreated can become incredibly difficult to heal. Often resulting in painful cracks which in some cases can get so bad that some have started to bleed and even become seriously

Good Skincare Treatment for Dry Skin

There are different types of skin on different people. There is normal, dry, oily and scaly skin. Each skin type needs its special regime of treatment to keep it in good condition. Dry skin is no exce

Stages of Pressure Sores

Illustration copyright 2003 Nucleus Communications, Inc. All rights reserved. http://www.nucleusinc.comPressure sores (bed sores) are an injury to the skin and underlying tissue. They can range from mild reddening of the skin to severe tissue damage, and sometimes infection, that extends into ...

Cure Eczema in 14 Days Finally

Have you ever wondered if it is possible to cure eczema in 14 days? Finally there is a way to do it and it is using nothing but natural products. You may be like people who suffer from this skin condition and seem to have tried all kinds of methods only to be disappointed.

Why You Should Choose Botanical Skin Care Products

Botanical skin care products are highly natural products that come from plant sources. These natural skin products are highly preferable over many lotions, creams, and/or moisturizers found in discount or department stores. Those products contain toxins and artificial substances that are harmful for

Taking Care of Your Skin

You can't expect to have beautiful skin if you treat it poorly.Learn how to properly take care of your skin to get it looking it's best.

4 Basic Steps In The Personal Skin Care Routine

Everybody is aware that personal skin care is very important but each has his or her own way of doing it. Depending on the needs of one's skin, every person follows different routine in caring for their skin.

Dermastir Wrinkle Collagen Filler

Histologically, there are 4 types of wrinkles. 1. Atrophic wrinkles occur when the skin gets thin, because the epidermis looses collagen and elastic fibres. 2. Elastotic wrinkles occur as a consequence of change in skin. ...

Spa Contact Dermatitis

Potassium monopersulfate (MPS) is widely used in spa and pool "shock" treatments, yet contact dermatitis associated with MPS has been rarely reported.

At Home Tattoo Removal

There are some cosmetic undertakings you might consider trying at home, saving some time and a few dollars in the process: clip your own toenails (straight across so you don't get an ingrown nail); co

What Are the Benefits of 100% Pure Skin Care?

The main benefit of 100% pure skin care is that you will be treating your skin with safe natural ingredients. Natural ingredients are much more effective that chemicals as well. Skin cream that is completely ...

Some Skin Care Tips For Better Looking Skin

Healthy skin is important. It makes us look younger, healthier and has positive impact on our self-esteem and mood. In fact, our skin is often a barometer of our health internally and reflects whether we have been looking after our body with the correct foods, drink and exercise. If you are wanting

3 Advanced Solutions To Eliminate Cellulite

Have you ever wondered what cellulite stands for? Well, in simple words, the word cellulite is used in context to the small fleshy layer of fat which often comprises the inner lining of your skin. ...

Sensitive Skin Care - The Facts

Sensitive skin is a skin type that is intolerant to, for example, certain environmental conditions, allergic reactions or irritation and itching can be triggered when using certain products or come in to contact with certain materials. If you do have a sensitive skin type always choose a product tha

The Importance of Paraben-Free Moisturizers and Hand Creams

Paraben free moisturizers and hand creams are widely available today. The concept of using "paraben free" skin care cream products is noble, as it can actually prevent the skin from any further damage. However, you need to know what the best of the lot is and how safe or effective it is.