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What Is Postoperative Care After Spine Surgery?

There are many types of surgical procedures done to repair spine damage. Certain procedures require more recovery time than others. Ultimately there are some basic post-operative procedures to properly care for yourself. Talk to your doctor about your specific recovery plan.

Signs of Labor

The onset of labor is the most anticipated event of pregnancy. Find out what signs you should look for and when it's time to call your health care provider.

How to Disinfect Dirty Retainers or Invisaligns

Dental retainers and Invisaligns, the clear aligners that provide an alternative to braces, are not cheap. The appliances are custom-made to fit your mouth and to keep your newly-arranged bite in place. Your teeth are home to bacteria and plaque, even when you take good care of your teeth. As an ext

How to Treat Burn Patients

Burn injuries can be very dangerous and result in numerous complications. If you or someone with you suffers a serious burn or minor burns over much of their body, it is important to get to a hospital or consult a medical professional as soon as possible. If you only suffer a minor burn, or you ar

Treating Skin Rashes in Children

Rashes can be common in children. Know what to look for, when to call your doctor, and what you can do to treat a rash.

What Are Hypo Units?

The term "hypo unit" is a short form of "hyperthermia/hypothermia unit." These units are blankets or pads used in hospitals, in clinics and by medical professionals to manipulate patients' body temperatures. These units can help return the body temperature of patients suffering from hyperthermia (ex

Life After Lumbar Surgery

When back pain begins to severely affect a person's quality of life, surgery may be their only option. Life can change after lumbar surgery, but with proper post-operative care, life after lumbar surgery can be better than ever.

Best Affordable Healthcare Options

It happens when you least expect it. You get sick, break a bone or just feel like something isn't right with your body. We all fall under the weather at one point or another and need medical attention to help get us back on our feet. What happens when you don't have insurance? In 2007, approximatel

The Effects of Hysterectomy

Hysterectomies have far-reaching effects both in the immediate aftermath of the surgery and far into the future for the patient. There are three different types of hysterectomies: abdominal, vaginal and laparascopic. Abdominal hysterectomies, when the uterus is removed through the abdomen, is the mo

How to Protect Yourself in an Arc Flash Explosion

Arc flash explosions are what happens when a large amount of electrical energy is released all at once due to a sudden grounding or arc jump through a gas from one electrode to another. These explosions result in huge fireballs that can burn workers and create a great deal of destruction even as the