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Hair Care For Teens

Washing our hair is a very natural thing to do. Most of us think that shampoo and rinsing it with water is already enough to keep it healthy. It is high time that ladies should be informed that the individual strands of our hair, regardless of how thick or how strong it looks, are actually very deli

How to Change a Rolex Watch Battery

Few Rolex watches are battery-powered. Most Rolex watches have an automatic movement, meaning they are powered by the natural movement of the wearer's wrist. Fake Rolex watches and some genuine Rolex watches, including certain Cellini styles, have batteries.

Beauty Pageant Interview Preparation Tips and Tricks

Ask any seasoned beauty pageant professional and they will tell you the contest is won during the interview.However, there is no other aspect of the beauty pageant that instills as much fear and nervousness as the interview and its question and answer session.

Video: How to Shape Up Your Hairline

Video Transcript Hi, this is DeeDee, your Personal Hairstylist here at the Makeup Mix. Today, I will be showing you how to shape up a hairline. Okay, there's two things you're going to need. You're going to need your edge trimmers and a brush. And what you're going to do is brush the...

The Right Way To Choose An Effective Skin Tightening Cream

Don’t buy a skin tightening cream without finding out whether it is compatible for your skin type. Most women buy cosmetics without bothering to find out what kind of relief it can offer to their skin issues and what the ingredients are.

How to Slow Down the Aging Process Naturally

Aging is a natural process but the effects of aging on your body and mind depend on your lifestyle choices. Taking care of your body both inside and out ensures health in appearance and attitude. Here are some tips on how a healthy diet, regular exercise and relaxation can slow down the aging proces

How to Assemble Beaded Necklaces

A simple beaded necklace is an elegant piece of jewelry that can be designed to match both casual and formal wear. While you may spend hours perusing the mall for the perfect piece of jewelry, a craft store is likely to yield beads in the exact color you are looking for in much less time. Assembling

What Causes Balding?

Losing a glossy head of hair as they age is a common concern for men. Women also occasionally experience hair loss for a variety of reasons. Those with receding hairlines or bald patches may wonder if they are doomed by genetics or if there's anything they can do to reverse the hair loss.

Cartoon Girl Embroidery Design

Cartoon Girl Embroidery Design. Free embroidery designs to download and print. From our library of free embroidery patterns.

Good Grooming - Why It's Important

Grooming is not about the most expensive toiletries, the most high priced clothes or the gold and glitter, it's about a sense of your value. Good grooming is often overlooked but unless you actually want to smell like a sweaty racehorse, you should pay at least a little attention to your person

How to Figure Out Your Girlfriend's Ring Size for an Engagement

Asking your girlfriend for her hand in marriage is an exciting moment in both of your lives. Having the perfect ring on hand for the big moment can be trickier, especially if you don't know her size. That's when some detective work comes into play. Although it will make for some great memories to lo

How to Remove Salon Pro Hair Bonding Glue

Using extensions in your hair makes your style limitless. Going from a short bob to long flowing hair is a quick fix with a package of hair and a little bonding glue. But what goes in, must come out. Removing your hair extensions can be time consuming, but it can be done at home, saving yourself a c

How to Prevent Yellow Perspiration Stains

Your skin, the largest organ in your body, has over 3 million sweat glands that help cool your body temperature, so sweat is an inevitable part of life. Not only are perspiration stains unsightly, they can weaken your clothes' fabric. The stains are caused by salts found in sweat and in antiperspira

Buddha Tattoo

Pictures of tattoos by Thomas Randall from Against All Odds in Auburn, Alabama.

Brow Waxing FAQs

Can Men Get Their Eyebrows Waxed? Brow waxing just isn't for women these days. Women aren't the only ones who care about how they look and how they present themselves.

How to Open a Watch to Change the Battery

Opening the back of a watch to change the battery seems like it should be a very simple task, but because there are many different types of watches, there is no universal technique for opening them. You may need to purchase specialized tools to open your watch. One important thing to remember when w