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The Dark Side of Stardom

Being a star looks so glorious on the surface, but that isn't always the case. Celebrities have been dealing with addiction for years due to the stress and pressure of life in Hollywood.

Chantix To The Rescue

How does Chantix rescue? It's all in the brain; nicotine dependency and the craving for smoke are being controlled by the neurotransmitter dopamine. Chantix works on the brain by activating a specific type of nicotine receptor called Alpha4beta2. By blocking nicotine and preventing...

Tips for Choosing E Liquid Flavours

Electronic cigarettes are becoming extremely popular among cigarette smokers, as these products are relatively safer compared to traditional tobacco cigarettes. They also offer better experience and p

Stop Smoking Aids - What Works?

Stop Smoking Aids, what makes one different than the other? What really sets it apart? Is it a stop smoking prescription pill that's going to work this time?

A Mindfulness Approach To Smoking Cessation

The stresses of everyday life can be a powerful trigger for the smoker trying to quit.Situations that used to precipitate the lighting of a cigarette must now be dealt with another way, and unless they are, the threat of regressing becomes very likely.So how can people cope with these stresses that

With a Smoker - Kissing an Ashtray

Gone are the days of the golden era of Hollywood when all the stars smoked cigarettes, some with cigarette holders. Oh how sexy it was to light up, suck and blow...

Stop Smoking Motivation - Easiest Way To Quit Smoking

By giving up smoking you will over time greatly reduce your chances of getting major diseases such as cancer and heart disease. You will be able to breathe more easily and find you have a lot more ene

Anti-Tobacco Videos To Reduce Teen Smoking

Smoking is very common these days. Almost all adults are into smoking worldwide. No part of the world has been devoid of smoking. So it could be said that the majority of population worldwide is ...

Coping With Stress After Quitting Smoking

After quitting smoking it is inevitable that the urge to smoke will present itself.Typically, urges to smoke will come and go quickly and sometimes it feels they are coming more than going.The more time you have not smoking the less the urges to smoke will present themselves.Being able to cope with

Early Patch Use Helps Smokers Quit

Smokers who want to give up cigarettes may be able to double their chances of success by wearing nicotine patches before quitting.

Get More Information On Drug Rehabs In Montreal

Because of changing lifestyle, people are facing the problem of different types of addiction. Addiction of anything is very harmful for health. If a person want to change their habit of taking drugs, it is necessary for them to join Drug rehab.