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Designing a Herb Garden Can Be Easy

More and more people are using herbs in their cooking. As people watch shows such as Emeril or others on the various cooking channels, they realize that they, too, can cook like a famous chef. Using fresh herbs is much favored over dried, store-bought herbs. This often translates into growing your o

Flowers Are Memories

Looking back over my life so far, I realize how flowers played an important part in my daily life. I realize now how flowers hold special memories and how important it is to remember them.

Gardening as a Natural Stress Reliever

With the amount of time we spend at work, in school, or in our rooms watching TV, we become a bit dull and start to feel an urge to engage in outdoor activities. Likewise, when you are stressed from s

Grow an Herb Garden and Save Tons of Cash!

An Herb garden is often a separate space in the garden, devoted to growing a specific group of plants known as herbs. These gardens may be informal patches of plants, or they may be carefully designed, even to the point of arranging and clipping the plants to form specific patterns.

8 Steps to a Successful Mini-Herb Garden

A mini-herb garden is a great introduction to gardening, and unlike other plants, herbs can be very forgiving. Those who are afraid of herb gardening want to have a step-by-step guide to planting and tending to their garden. Here is a detailed list of what you will need to do to create a great garde

Outdoor Planters - Create Attractive Accent

Container gardening has been considered the latest fad in this modern technological era. With its practicality, people have preferred to choose various types of planters to display and decorate both the exterior and interior part of their houses.

Hydroponic Gardening - 5 Reasons You Should Give Hydroponics a Try

Do you love having fresh vegetables from your garden on your table? Would you love to have them year round? Hydroponic gardening gives you the advantage of being able to grow your vegetables year round with little fuss once the hydroponic system is set up.

How to Replace a Cracked Flagstone

Flagstone is commonly used for landscaping projects because of its natural beauty and versatility. With time, weather and settling, flagstone patios and walkways can become cracked. Repairing a cracked piece of flagstone is best done in the spring since the ground is thawed. This makes the flagstone

Wood Porch Swings – Why Acquire Them

Wood porch swing is one of the great pieces of furniture that you can purchase. This outdoor item can help a lot when comes to acquiring comfort and peace of mind.

Problems With Roses Are Part of Nature, How Do You Deal With Them Is Not

You have been considering buying and planting your first rose bush.But you are afraid of the problems and challenges in cultivating a rose bush?Cultivating a rose bush is not as difficult as it may seem.Yes, there are problems with roses, but they are not insurmountable.With some guidance and knowle

First Time Bonsai: a 5 Points Survival Guide

More often than not, the approach to bonsai art comes with a present. A friend, a relative or a partner gives a new little tree in a short pot and he can't tell us how to handle it.

Be Sure To Check For Ticks

Even though the calendar says late summer, ticks are still out in full force. They crawl along the ground. They drop out of trees on unsuspecting passersby.

Could Anybody Stay Off The Grid?

Using renewable energy sources to make electricity is a pretty simple process. You will need a power source-sun, wind or water-from which you may harness a low voltage household power that may be then

Interesting Information on Worm Composting

Worm composting is also popularly known as vermicompost. The worm humus makes it efficient and an effective source of nutrients for gardens. Making a vermicompost on one's own could be a rewarding form for recycling also composting. It would also be a great educational experience.

DIY: Organic Fertilizer

Composting is a simple, eco-conscious way of creating DIY organic fertilizer for your home garden or backyard flower bed. Compost is a nutrient-rich substance resulting from the natural decomposition of organic materials and can be added to ordinary garden soil to boost plant growth and overall heal