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Jim Rogers

James Beeland Rogers, Jr. is really an American buyer and chairman of Rogers Holdings and Beeland Pursuits, Inc. He also is an author, money commentator and may be commonly featured in Time, The Washington Post, ...

Is a Line of Credit Considered a Liability Account?

Debits and credits confound even the savviest small business owners, particularly when the balance sheet and profit and loss statements grow more complex as the company grows. Many businesses operate using lines of credit issued by banks. This credit can be both an asset and a liability, but strictl

Taxi Insurance - Factors Worth Considering

Many taxi owners try and cut corners.They are in fact being penny wise and pound foolish.There is no point settling for a cheap insurance of taxi cover if it is not going to provide you adequate coverage.As long as the taxi insurance policy is able to meet all your requirements and that too within y

Why I kept my old pair of shoes?

The human behaviour of 'mental accounting' has a positive and a negative side. The fact that we hold on to items allowing them to gather dust and occupy valuable space despite not using them

New Year Rate Drop 'Could Make Loans Process Easier'

Consumers looking for bad credit loans due to their unconventional previous borrowing history may find the process gets easier in 2008, according to comments from the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML). Some consumers seeking bad ...

Reverse Mortgages For Nurses

A few years ago, my mom and dad (both nurses) were in a tough spot financially. Living off of a small pension and an even smaller Social Security Check, they were having trouble keeping up ...

Developers Of Private Island Phuket Commence

HONG KONG (Insert date) - Jumeirah Private Island Phuket, Asia Pacific's most exclusive development is scheduled for completion in 2009 and set to offer levels of luxury, privacy and security

Using the Best Software to Make Money from Forex

Foreign currencies market has become one of the most popular markets nowadays, even bigger than the stocks exchange. This is mainly due to the fact that traders who dabble in this field can choose to

Forward Thinking - Long Over Short Term Dividends

When it comes to investing it can be easy to get caught up in the hype surrounding shares offering high dividends. To the untrained observer, these high yield investments represent the most attractive options on ...

The Basic Rules for Finding Business Investors

The Basic Rules for Finding Business Investors By William Cate When it comes to finding business capital, most entrepreneurs spend most of their time wasting their time seeking the wrong investor, making the wrong offers ...

Unemployed Tenant LoansPecuniary Support In Hard Situation

Are you out of job and don’t have any opportunity to grab cash? It can be a tough time period for you as you do not have any source of income to complete your daily needs because you tenant, don’t worry, now, get Unemployed tenant loans and meet your expenditures.

The Advantages of Cash Cards

A cash card is different from a debit or a credit card in the sense that it does not necessarily link to your bank account. Even in case of travelling, it is better to use ...

Traits Of Medical Billing Software In Accounting Services

Medical billing software has become the essential part of large medical organization to handle big accounts. Medical accountants are using this software for efficient execution of financial procedure and proper medical billing.

More than simply a Fap turbo Review

If you're one of those who have been toiling all their lives just to earn instant cash from buying and selling forex and have tried employing the help of forex bots in vain, then this ...

Car Insurance Top Tips

The car insurance industry has got really competitive in the last few years, so prices haven't really changed much. There are now over 100 car insurers to choose from, so there are some very good deals out there for those who are prepared to shop around. 23% of motorists still choose to insure