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Praying To God To Get Back Together With Ex Boyfriend

Whether you were dating for a few months, in a lasting relationship or married, break up is painful to do. The good news is that life does get better. Eventually, you will be able to get away of your

Create Your Own Family Tree Digital Video

Part of who you are is your family history, your family tree if you will. Making sure that it is well documented is something that everyone would like to attend to. Seeing that it is documented for historical sake is something that every family should do some time, even if you take out your video ca

How to Maintain Honesty in Your Long Distance Relationship

Being in a long distance relationship can be more stressful than a traditional relationship simply due to the fact that you are separated from your significant other. It is, thus, very important not to add to the stress by being dishonest with one another. Honesty becomes more important when there i

Tips to Celebrate a Successful Birthday Party

It is quite unfortunate to see that many people will take the birthday parties lightly, which in turn will result in a poorly organized birthday party for their kids. On the other hand, there are also people, who take their children birthday parties as a nightmare and start planning a few months bef

Bar and Mitzvah Grippy Socks Favors Ideas

Grippy socks have been popular as favors or dance floor give-aways at Bar or Bat Mitzvahs for quite a while. Mostly used in hospitals to keep patients from slipping, they are now a hot favor. This article offers some tips to create and use them...

On the Road That Connects Us

As a military spouse, I sometimes feel ostracized from my dearest family and friends. However, a recent road trip helped me see that there is always a road that connects us.

My Breast Friend, The Nursing Pillow

Lactation is a beautiful process which establishes a strong bond between the babies and the mother. The process is not only indispensable for the baby to have the immunity to fight the various infections, diseases and illness that he is exposed to these early stage of his life but at the same time,

5 Ways To Show Love This Valentine'S Day

You can start loving others more truly if you care for yourself the right way. Why not cut off harmful vices that endanger your health and your life. Be a caring nursing in nursing scrubs yourself.

How Can I Get My Girlfriend Back?

You're in pain, with a ton of uncomfortable feelings and mixed emotions, now you are trying to figure out “How can I get my girlfriend back.”

Themed Parties - How to Pick a Theme

So once you've decided what event you are celebrating it's time to get down to the nitty gritty - planning. As always, start with your budget. Be very clear on how much you can afford to spend and stick to it!

How to Find Love From a Man's Point of View

One of the revelations to emerge from many films intended for male audiences is that men are at least as sentimental as women. Men, like women, have fantasies about finding love and companionship with someone who will appreciate them for who they are. If you are a man looking for love, the key is to

Services Offered by Birthday Party DJs

A birthday is a special day in everybody's life, and each year we come across important milestone in life. In fact, majority of us want to celebrate our birthdays in a special way, and just imagine how wonderful it would be if birthday party is accompanied by music.

Do You Need to Win an Ex Back If He Dumped You?

Everyone has his own love story. But not all love stories are romantic comedies because there are also tragedies. If the breakup happened because your boyfriend dumped you, what are you planning to do

Top Ten Tips for Looking Great in Your Prom Tux

So your big day is finally here. This is your chance to dress to impress your date, your friends and your classmates. So, don't blow it! These pictures will haunt you to your grave. Use these ten tips

Understanding Paternity Fraud

Each year, thousands of men find out that they did not actually father the children that they have helped to raise for many years. In many cases, the mother of the child knows the true paternity of the child or at least knows that the man she claims is the father actually is not. In either case, thi