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South American Wedding Traditions

The main South American communities include the Venezuelan, Argentinean and Chilean communities. The South American wedding traditions are similar though each community has its own interpretation of t

How to Stop Your Divorce After the Trust Has Been Broken

If your wondering how to answer the question "how to stop your divorce after the trust has been broken," then get in line with scores of others. Couples split up for a lot of reasons, and broken trust is usually the single most reason why.

How to Make Your Wife Happy

You married the girl of your dreams, but now you have to make sure you stay the man of her dreams. Whether she stays home with the kids or has an outside job, your wife works hard and needs your help. Step up and do what needs to be done, but don't forget to be romantic and fun sometimes.

My Husband Left Me! How Do I Get Him Back For Good?

If your husband has left, you are experiencing a vast array of emotions. Anger, Fear, Desperation and Anxiety are all common responses to the "loss" of the most important person in your life. After all, ...

Want a Secret Relationship? Can It Work?

Secret relationships can have a broad appeal and for many, they do. When romance and sex are involved, the prospect can become especially luring. The participant may appear to be walking around with a huge ...

A Plan To Make Your Ex Come Crawling Back To You

Breakups are never easy. Your emotions range from hating your ex one minute for leaving you to overwhelming love and devotion for them the next. But what can you do? You are in love with ...

Interesting and Funny Marriage Proposal Ideas

Have you bought the perfect ring for the woman of your dreams but are looking for a different way of proposing to her? Well then, congratulations my friend because you have found the right place; for some people hundred candles and red roses are not just the perfect idea of proposal, maybe because i

Listening Skills

Do you know how to really listen to your spouse?

Bridal Shower Party - Planning and Preparation

Somebody's getting married, and you as her maid of honor is responsible for hosting the shower party. Expected are numerous tasks and obligations that need your attention. This is quite challenging. T

Romance Tips for Married Couples

When you’ve been married awhile, it may be hard to keep the romance alive in your relationship. Things tend to get in the way. But married couples should take the time to work at keeping the romance to prevent the romance from becoming stale, boring or predictable.

Is Your Spouse Sleeping Too Much?

With May as Better Sleep Month, check out this article from the Health Sciences Institute on how too much sleep can be as damaging as too little sleep. Here

Win Your Girlfriend Back - 3 Whimsical Approaches

Buy Her Some Roses This may sound so cliche, but nobody does this stuff anymore. Its not typically the flowers, but the romantic symbolism behind the flowers. Womendaydream about getting swept up in romance . ...

Marriage Compatibility of Aries With Pisces

Marriage is a bond, which other than love and support, needs the nourishment of care and trust between the bride and groom. Marriages in India, have always been given the status of the most auspicious bond shared between the Indian groom and bride.

Recovering From Infidelity and Adultery

Recovering from infidelity is possible. You can get past the cheating and build a better marriage right now and every day for the rest of your life. There are steps you can take to help ...

What Should I Do To Save My Marriage?

There are many things you can begin doing to save your marriage. But, are you committed to doing them even though your spouse has potentially given up? If so, then you're already half way there, find out what you should do to save your marriage.