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Green Free Energy Motor Has Already Been Produced

Free energy motor has been produced. Several working prototypes are functional today with the Swiss testing a larger commercial version. Perpetual motion is accomplished by using the devices tendency to oscillate to cause it to continue to rotate. Read more.

World Energy - How Much Are We Using and What is Happening to the Supply?

We rely on energy in one form or another to make everything. All of the energy that we use on earth comes from the sun. It provided the heat that created fossil fuels millions of years ago. It is also responsible for the weather patterns that create hydro-power and wind energy and it provides the di

Environmental Social Perception

The care essential with Earth is the ethics of a sustainable world. Ethics of care applies to both the international level as a national and individual, no nation is self-sufficient and all benefit to the sustainability world and all will be threatened if we achieve it.

Nuclear Waste in Dounreay, Great Britain - The End Of An Era

Restoration of the Dounreay Nuclear site is starting soon. The issues to be addressed range from technical to social and include environmental as well. Nuclear waste material to be processed amounts to thousands of tons. This restoration will undoubtedly have implications on nuclear jobs in the area

Ways On How To Protect The Environment

The main goal is to provide easy ways on how to protect the environment from further harm. Let us all work together and make the planet Earth a clean place for the next generation.

Make Wise Clothing Purchases

Have you been looking for ways to help improve the environment?Have you stopped using plastic bags and started recycling all of your recyclable goods but you're wondering what else you can do?

When Sea Levels Rise

It is no new scientific fact that there is a slow steady increase of temperature; we've been studying and recording changes for a few decades. For some reason people are only now starting to take notice of how desperate the situation is.

A New Solar Plan

Coal and gas power plants are slowly killing our ecosystem, that's nothing new. We have the technological advances to overcome this fate. Why aren't we using them? Why are so many people against this idea of clean energy? It is true that many more people are on board now than say 30 years

Ecosystem Services of the ACF Watershed

The water that flows from the Apalachicola River into Apalachicola Bay has its genesis in northern Georgia. Two river systems from Georgia, the Chattahoochee and Flint rivers flow into the Apalachicola near the Florida town of Chattahoochee to form the Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint River Watershe

Eco Bags

The world is opening to see that the future can be established from the past; in this case it is the reusable "eco bags." Many stores now tender them at low cost. In some places, programs that offer cash rebates or make donations to environmental causes to prize shoppers who bring their ow

Squat Toilets - Where Can They Still Be Found?

This article on squat toilets provides information on where squatting toilets can still be found.Most of the world's squat toilets are located in Asian, Middle Eastern and African countries.There are also a handful of Westernised countries where squatting toilets are used, eg: France, Italy and

Movement Toward Environmentalism

Deepwater Horizon is the offshore rig British Petroleum (BP) was using to drill for oil when it bursts into flames in April. The rig has continued to leak oil for the last six weeks despite massive and continual efforts to plug the leak. Not surprisingly, public opinion of BP has dropped sharply. In

Dumpster Rental, a Simple Way to Save the Planet

Environmental degradation is the major issue that is terrifying the current world. Research reveals the fact that the degradation of the environment is mainly due to depletion of natural sources such as air, water and soil. A preventative action should be taken to protect the environment. This artic

Why Green Technology And Sustainability Are Easier Said Than Done

Everybody seems to be shooting for green technology these days. Apparently, the sustainability messages of some publications, like Al Gore's The Inconvenient Truth and The BBC's movie documentary Planet Earth, have been effective at the wake up call. At the same time, however, many people

Green Equalization Vs Green Certification

Certification is an achievement that allows the business to honestly make an honest claim as a Green business. It means that a company has taken on the challenge, measured up to a recognized standard, and has a proven record of achievement. This record is more than empty claim, but one that can be v

How To Create Green Business Ideas

When someone is thinking about starting their own business, they may wonder about green business ideas. There are many jobs that can be created using green initiatives. Learning about the environment and how it works may inspire someone to pursue their talents and desires.