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‘The Joy Behar Show’

Overview of 'The Joy Behar Show', the sassy and informative talk and topics program from regular 'View' co-host Joy Behar.

How to Host a Murder Mystery Birthday Party

Dinner parties are a great way to get together and enjoying having fun with your friends. If you've never hosted one before, you may be unsure of how to get started and how to make sure it is enjoyed by everyone. These tips will make your friends think you had it planned by a pro.

How to Understand Stage Directions

A Certain cartoon lion from the 60's used the catch phrase "Exit, stage left!" When you're rehearsing a play stage directions are a little more involved but they are easy to learn and work with. Here is an introduction to stage directions and one method of working with them.

How to Dance With a Veil

Use a flowing, silk veil or wide scarf in your Middle Eastern-inspired dance routine to add more color and movement. A scarf is often introduced at the very beginning of a belly dance show or near the end to add more excitement to the finale. The scarf should be a little wider than half your height

The Type of Dancing Done in River Dance

"Riverdance" is a critically acclaimed show that has captured the imagination of many viewers. At first glance, the show's dancing may appear to be a form of tap dancing, but in actuality it is Irish step dancing, a traditional form of dance in Ireland that grew alongside traditional Irish music for

Fashion Design for Kids

Fashion design is something that many little girls and even some little boys show an early interest in. Engage a child's imagination early on when she shows an interest in fashion design with fun fashion design games and activities to help her develop the necessary skills to excel in the field later

What is DMX Stage Lighting?

DMX stage lighting is lighting that's controlled by the DMX (Digital Multiplex) control system protocol. DMX, the standard for controlling lighting fixtures and systems in music and theater, has replaced older, analog electrical circuit control systems.

The Different Hip Hop Dance Styles

Hip hop has been around for years, but it seems that in recent times it has been hitting the entertainment scene with great force. Now more than ever is hip hop dance seen as one of the most influential styles of dance of our time!

Radio City Christmas Spectacular

The Rockettes have been packing crowds into the Radio City Music Hall for decades.This special show is legendary in New York City.Recently, the Rockettes have brought their Christmas Show to other cities around the United States.

Magic Shop - 3 Tips For Choosing the Right Magic Shop Online

Are you searching for the right magic shop online to purchase high quality, entertaining and fun options for easy, intermediate or advanced level magic tricks or magic sets to wow your audiences with? Then, you've most certainly come to the right place! This article outlines the best tips for c

Tips on Using a Backdrop and Other Concerns For a Stage Production

Organizing a high school play or musical can be extremely challenging, but also very rewarding. There are three basic steps that need to be followed. Remember, none of this is etched in stone. You can certainly pursue a plan of action that differs from this. The idea here is to start giving you some

Basics of What Women Should Wear for Auditions

Many a times women appear at the auditions with outfits which they hope will stand out from the rest. But what they don't realize is that these dresses only make them stand out as the most ridiculously dressed. These dresses either leave the judges flabbergasted or laughing every time they reme