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Cheap Electric Guitars - Tips On How To Play Using a Slide

Why cheap electric guitars, I hear you ask? Well, it is just to prove the point that you can actually use a slide with any guitar so long as you understand a few basic rules. In other words, you do not have to spend hundreds of pounds to play the music you like.

What Music Instruments Were Used in 80s Music?

Alternately hailed and reviled for excess, one aspect of the 1980s has drawn surprisingly little attention--the technology that allowed its stars to push their instrumental and recording capabilities further than ever before. Keyboards, guitars and drums took a quantum leap in capability, paralleled

How to Play an Easy Acoustic Guitar Song

Popular guitar songs are played with chords. Many of the major and minor chords used in songs are formed using three fingers of one hand. The other hand strums across the strings in front of the sound hole on the body to create the vibrations. Learning guitar chords is a matter of conscientiously pl

How to Spin Drum Sticks

Spinning drum sticks is a way to add a visual element to drum playing, whether during a song or drum solo. Notable stick spinners include Tommy Lee, Rikki Rockett and Thomas Lang. While spinning drum sticks is most often associated with drum set players, marching band drummers often spin drum sticks

Online Guitar Lessons For Beginners - My Personal Account

In this world of technology anything can possibly be obtained with the help of the internet. Now anyone can learn guitar lessons online easily and conveniently. It is convenient for those who are working and do not have the time to go for guitar classes.

How to Fix Overexposed Video

Overexposed video is disappointing for any videographer to see when reviewing footage. Content can be ruined by oversaturated highlights and washed-out shadows. It was not long ago that overexposed video constituted a failed shoot, but with video editing programs it is often salvageable. Several pro

Arpeggios - The Little Secret That Makes a Big Difference

Arpeggios are one of the coolest scale groups you can ever use to add verity to your guitar leads and melodies. This is an old trick that guitar players use to fill out songs they are playing to give them a fuller and richer sound. You have no doubt heard this being used and note even realized it.

How to Bias a Fender Tube Amp

Bias adjustments are necessary because as with anything else that gets repeated usage, the tubes suffer from wear and tear. Thus, they will cease to function at the optimum level expected. If not maintained, they can fail completely due to a broken filament, internal short circuit or loss of vacuum.

The Stone Roses - One of the Most Underrated Bands Ever

When most people talk about the greatest British bands ever a few names usually come up; "The Smiths", "The Beatles", "Radiohead", "U2", "Oasis" and so on. There's one band that I feel seldom gets the attention and recognition that they deserve

How to Treat Yellowed Linoleum

Linoleum is a material often used for flooring in bathrooms and kitchens. Linoleum is a porous surface and therefore can soak in water and other things that come into contact with it. Because of the porous surface, linoleum can take on a yellow tint that can appear grungy and unclean. To get rid of