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Ship of the Line

The standard large warship from the 17th to the 19th century, the ship of the line typically mounted 64 to 110 guns.

Byzantine-Seljuk Wars: Battle of Manzikert

The Battle of Manzikert was fought August 26, 1071, between the Byzantine Empire and the Suljuk Turks. In the fighting at the Battle of Manzikert, the Byzantines were badly defeated. The Battle of Manzikert also saw Emperor Romanos IV captured by the Seljuks.


What is a Ras?

What Type of Art Did Van Gogh Paint?

Vincent van Gogh was born March 30, 1853, in Zundert, Netherlands. As a teenager and young adult, he worked for an art dealer. His interest in art increased, and he began copying prints of master artists. Van Gogh received his first commission when his uncle, an art dealer, asked him to draw scenes

Summary of Iliad Book XVIII

Information on the eighteenth book of the Iliad of Homer -- the Shield of Achilles. A blacksmith and a god, Hephaestus fashions wonderful armor for Achilles.

Famous Marine Life Paintings

Because of improved technology, painters can get a better glimpse under the sea, opening new vistas for marine art. Marine life can be beautiful if painted by a talented artist. Several paintings by famous artists depict the mysterious life beneath the water's surface.

The Turkey: Grumman TBF Avenger

The Grumman TBF Avenger was the US Navy's principal torpedo bomber during World War II. Entering service in 1942, the Avenger first saw combat at the Battle of Midway. The TBF Avenger served throughout the war and saw service with several nations.


Who was Bayajidda?

Spanish-American War: USS Oregon (BB-3)

USS Oregon (BB-3) was an Indiana-class battleship that saw service during with the US Navy. In 1898, USS Oregon famously rounded South America to join the US fleet off Cuba during the Spanish-American War. USS Oregon saw later service in the Pacific and was later sold for scrap in 1956.

Who Invented Paper, and When?

Learn more about the invention of paper, which took place in northwestern China around 2000 years ago.

Don't Know Much About Greek Mythology? Read This

Greek mythology is one of the most fascinating and colorful topics connected with the ancient world. Here is an introduction to the mythology and gods and goddesses who still play a part in today's world.

College Undergraduate Courses in Art History

Art history is one of the richest and most rewarding subjects you can study in college. College undergraduate courses in art history range from the art of Oceania to Egypt, and from the art of the Incas to work being done right now. Given that, depending on your college, you can certainly find a ran