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Vegan Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

Vegan Mother's Day Recipes. If you're looking for vegan recipes to celebrate this Mother's Day, this collection contains over 60 vegan Mother's Day recipes, from vegan brunch recipes to special vegan desserts, to make your vegan mother's special day flavorful.

How to Make a Quick Dinner - Recipe

No time to make dinner and nothing to eat in the house? This dish solves both of your problems. There are a few staples you should always have in your house that you can use with any dish and can also stay on your shelf or in the freezer a long time. Follow this recipe for a quick, easy and healt

An Ode to Iced Tea

Recipes and tips for enjoying iced tea all summer long

Banana Bread Recipes

These banana bread recipes include a super easy banana bread recipe, a recipe for chocolate banana bread, a moist banana bread with coconut and more recipes for banana bread.

How Do I Make Yeast-Free Chai Tea Cappuccino?

A yeast-free diet, also sometimes called "The Candida Diet," is a type of cleanse that detoxes the body of Candida Albicans yeast overgrowth. Practitioners of alternative medicine claim this fungus, commonly present in the gastrointestinal tract, causes digestive problems leading to bloating, gas an

How to Make a Fondant Bow Cake Topper

Fondant is a smooth, edible icing used to decorate cakes and other sweet treats. It can be purchased pre-made from craft and bakery supply stores. Cake decorators can top a multi-tier cake or a gift box cake with a fondant bow. The bows should be made at least 24 hours before a special celebration.

How to Make Specialty Margaritas

Margaritas come frozen, on the rocks, with salt or without. They can also come in many tempting flavors. So, if you want to stray from the classic and break out of the box, here are three ideas for some creative, specialty margaritas. These ideas come from a hot club in NYC---Bungalow 8.

Baby Bam Spice Seasoning Mix Recipe

Baby Bam Spice Seasoning Mix Recipe. Emeril is known for his spicy Cajun dishes. This spice mix is much tamer than the usual, so it will appeal to kids and those who cannot handle the fire of most Cajun seasonings.

How to Deep Fry With Corn Oil

Corn oil is a wise choice for deep frying. It has a smoke point of 450 degrees Fahrenheit, resists discoloration, tastes better and is less expensive compared with other cooking oils. Corn oil is available in bottled form, and it is also widely used for margarine production. It is also a popular cho

Halloween Food Ideas for Kids

Kids can be picky eaters, so use the Halloween holiday as an excuse to make a variety of creative foods that they might not otherwise be inclined to try. For instance, present your snacks in a playful way, and keep your ghoulish creations healthy by using ingredients like fruits and vegetables; this

Onion Soup

An onion soup recipe purported to be similar to Bennigan's famous onion soup.

30 Minute Skillet Meal

This delicious and easy 30 minute Meatballs with Orzo meal is served with flavorful Pear and Greens Salad and the Fastest Cheesecake.

How to Make Your Own Coffee Filter Packs for Single Servings

Sometimes you just want a single cup of coffee. If you can make hot tea by the cup, why not coffee? Follow these steps to make your own coffee filter packs for individual servings. Just like tea, the longer you steep these, the stronger your coffee will be.

The Perfect Martini

A true romantic and a true Urban man or woman understands the beauty of a classic Martini and despite the fact that pop culture has tried to co-opt it, nevertheless, it stands alone, one foot firmly p

Oven Barbecued Pork Chops

A well-seasoned homemade barbecue sauce serves as the marinade and cooking sauce for these satisfying baked pork chops. The recipe is easy as can be, and makes a super meal with potatoes and a side vegetable or salad.

How to Get a Cake Unstuck From the Pan

When a cake bakes in the oven, the sugars in the batter melt and stick to the baking pan like glue if you haven't prepared the pan properly. This causes no end of frustration for bakers who end up with a cake that is broken in bits. If you forget to prepare the pan, there is still hope for your cake