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Try these top 3 quirky bars in London

I have searched London to find my favourite 3 quirky, cool bars. I was afraid of the humdrum and unearthed these hidden gems!

How to Make a Cafe au Lait

Cafe au lait may be one of the simplest and most delectable forms of coffee ever created. While this perfect cup of coffee is no more than cream and coffee, it is the careful preparation which makes it oh so good. If you are tired of forking over your hard- earned cash for this simple treat, you can

Types of Natural Sea Salt

Sea salt can enhance the flavor of food in different ways, depending on where the salt comes from and how it is processed. Generally speaking, sea salt is harvested from the ocean by channeling seawater into clay trays. Seawater evaporates naturally leaving behind salt crystals for...

About Skin Brushing & Body Detox

The body detoxifies through the skin, liver, kidneys and lymph glands. Daily skin brushing stimulates both the circulatory and the lymphatic systems, helping the body to detoxify.

How To Choose And Store Cherries

Darker cherries are sweeter. Learn how to choose the best cherries and store them for use in cooking your recipes.


Illustration of a low-carb food pyramid, with advice on how to decide which fats to eat, and how much, for a nutritionally complete low-carb diet.

Ken Hom's Asian Ingredients

Asian Ingredients - Ken Hom's handy guide takes the mystery out of shopping for Asian food, and provides lots of great recipes.

Fresh Strawberry Sauce Recipe

This fresh strawberry sauce recipe is ideal on ice cream, crepes, sponge cakes, pound cakes or other desserts.

How to Avoid Snacking Easily

There are tricks and tips on how to avoid snacking easily, and below you'll find a few of them. Many people enjoy a snack, and yet, they're trying to lose weight and they know that every time they snack, they are adding to their problem.

Waffles Made with Lard

These mouth watering waffles are made the old fashioned way - with lard!

"wine And Food" Trip Through Italy

Wine and food trips attract many lovers of good cuisine and good wine; before leaving, though, you need to get informed about what, where and prices and choose the best period.

Italian Restaurants in Arnold, MO

If you are looking for an Italian restaurant in Arnold, Missouri, there are a number of different options available. While Missouri is not particularly known for it's Italian restaurants, there are a number of authentic options in the area that should satisfy even the most stubborn Italian food love

How To Get Creative On Student Nights London

Clubbing is one very good way for you to socialize and network, dance to the fantastic music that is on offer and let your hair down. People who party a lot and are out almost every weekend will assure you that Student Nights London offers you the best ways to paint the town red.

The Best Way to Cover up Vodka

Vodka is not a very strongly flavored alcohol, so any sort of intense taste should cover the flavor up thoroughly. There are two sorts of drinks that will do the job quite well: sweet and tart, and salty and spicy. If you want to drink something salty and spicy, follow the link References to make a

How to Make Food Coloring

Making your own natural food coloring is an easy way to avoid unnatural, chemically derived food coloring purchased from the store. With a few ingredients that you may already have in your pantry, you can safely add color to baked goods like cookies and cupcakes, frosting and other dishes you may wa

Interview with Jeff Corwin Continued

Jeff Corwin, the adventure seeking wildlife biologist guy on Animal Planet, right? Yes, THAT Jeff Corwin. Jeff happens to be a passionate foodie and has a new show on the Food Network called Extreme Cuisine. I spoke with Jeff about the new show and his culinary travels.