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Who Can Apply for Disability?

The Social Security Administration has a program to provide benefits to workers who are unable--temporarily of permanently--to work because of a disability. The disability program is designed to provide basic necessities to those who qualify to be considered disabled.

Infertility Treatments - Types Of Treatments For You

Infertility specialists and fertility management are involved day and evening in investigation and development to discover infertility drugs, which can cure infertility difficulties of couples. The problem or the cause of infertility might be divided ...

What Disabilities Are Covered in Long-Term Disability Plans?

Long-term disability plans cover various types of illnesses and injuries that can prevent a person from working for an extended period. Long-term disability plans vary by state and company. Most people do not know that illness causes more disability than injuries do, according to the Council for Dis

Possible Causes For Hearing Loss

Hearing loss may be considered conductive, sensorineural, or mixed. It is conductive loss if there’s a problem in the outer or middle ear and interferes with the sound transmission to inner ear. Sounds may be faint, distorted or both.

Cerebral Palsy and the Road to Independence

Tim Harding, Vice Principal of Treloar College, Alton, Hampshire tells one student's story of life with cerebral palsy and the fight to become more independent.

Bulimia Treatment requires a Specialized Approach

Bulimia is one disease that affects both the males as well as females in the same numbers. In this disorder the patient goes on a binge eating for a period of time and after that he goes on a purging

Heavy Duty Mobility Scooter - Three Benefits For City Riding

If you want to increase your mobility and are debating whether you should get a heavy duty mobility scooter instead of light weight mobility scooter, then you have reached the right place. In this article I will present three advantages of an off-road or heavy duty mobility scooter for a city driver

Discover How Music Can Help Disabled Children

Modern science is proving what people have always intuitively known about music; music has the power to heal. Whether using percussion instruments or piano or guitar, the impact is the same; music can soothe the ...

Its Time To Start Looking For Handicap Vans For Sale And Reclaim Independence

Are you looking for handicap vans for sale?If so, then you are taking one huge step forward towards a better lifestyle and a more independent way of living.While it is always nice to rely on family and friends, no one wants to be thought of as a permanent inconvenience.Besides that, most people don&

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Is a Joke

My wife has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. There is nothing more frustrating than looking in at her showing all the signs of just being lazy and knowing she isn't. I would be lying if I said I believed her %100 of the time. It is so difficult not having this problem to understand it. So I welcome yo

Improve your Hearing Sense with Oticon Hearing Aids

This Article is all about Oticon hearing aids. It is meant to heighten your hearing capability and also recover the damage of hair cells present in the ears. These aids are integrated with advanced te

How Do I Care for a Mentally Disabled Adult With Dementia?

A 2007 report by the University of Michigan claimed that as many as one in seven Americans aged 70 or older (about 3.4 million) have some form of dementia, with the most common form, Alzheimer's disease, affecting two-thirds of that number. The prevalence of dementia suggests that knowing how to ta

SSDI Benefits for Children

OverviewSocial Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits are called a “child’s” benefit because benefits are based on the parents' Social Security earning record. This means that a parent must have worked “on-the-books” and...

Can't Afford a New Lift Chair? Take a Look at Used!

For decades, seniors all over America have been enjoying the freedom that electric lift chairs offer them. However, since medicare stopped reimbursing people for the entire cost of lift chairs, buying one has become problematic for many, especially those with low income. If you need an electric lift

Using Wheelchair Equipment to Conserve Your Energy

When you have been diagnosed with cancer, you may be overwhelmed with all of the decisions that you need to make. You will need to work closely with your doctor to determine which treatments are best for your needs, and you may be faced with limiting your activities as your body heals. Here are some

7 Important Points For Installing a Stair Lift

Stair lifts mean more than just a means of getting downstairs and up without fuss. For some, it is all about an important opportunity to become independent even at a point in life when physical limitations hit.

Help Is Out There

It doesn't matter who you are or what you know - when life is interrupted in such a way that you are not even sure what direction to turn, we all become equal, on the same playing field.A brain injury will do that to any family; it can bring you to your knees, not knowing where to go and what d