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Tomber - to fall

Learn how to conjugate tomber, a regular -er French verb.

How to Bathe a Cat: A Process Analysis Essay

In this 500-word composition, a student explains the challenging process of bathing a cat. Notice how the writer ensures coherence and cohesion by repeating key words and offering clear transitions from one step to the next.


What does the French word redoubler mean? How is it pronounced and used?

Italian Numerical Adjectives

In Italian a numerical adjective (aggettivo numerale) is a number used as an adjective. Examples include cardinal adjectives and ordinal adjectives.

What Is Asyndeton?

A writing style that omits conjunctions between words, phrases, or clauses (opposite of

Notes on Second-Person Pronouns

It's hard for a new pronoun to break into the language. But now and then a fresh one does emerge, while some older items--like the second-person pronouns "thou," "thee," and "thine"--just fade away.

un montant

What does the French word montant mean? How is it pronounced and used?

How to Obtain Resources & Materials for Family Language Translation Services

If English isn't your first language, you may need help translating important documents and other reading material, such as papers that your child brings home from school. There are many resources for family language translation. You can get help from your child's school, government services or priv

Today in Francophone History

Learn about important dates in French and francophone history: famous birthdays, holidays and celebrations, and other milestones.

Homophone Corner: Team and Teem

The noun "team" refers to a group of people working or playing together. The verb "teem" means to be full or prolific.

What Is Prosody?

In phonetics, prosody is the use of pitch, loudness, tempo, and rhythm in speech to convey information about the structure and meaning of an utterance.