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Why should you prefer Offshore Software Development?

In the last few years, there has been a remarkable change in thinking of the people. Due to boom in the information technology field and the increasing awareness of the Internet, the way people deal ...

Proprietary Downfall

Article about the downfall of proprietary software, and a few reasons why it will happen relatively soon.

How to Install True Type Fonts on HP Pavilion

TrueType is a font technology embedded into Windows computers that uses vectors. In contrast to bitmap fonts that were used in the past, TrueType fonts can be blown up or shrunken down to any size without distorting the image. Because the image technology is embedded into the operating system, the f

PivotTable Instructions

Among the many analysis tools included in Microsoft Excel is the PivotTable. The PivotTable summarizes and rearranges data from a variety of internal and external data sources into new relationships that do not exist when data elements stand on their own. Like a database, the arrangement of data ele

How to Make Type Look Silver & Shiny in Illustrator

Many graphic artists, when they need to make a metallic-looking logo with type on it, immediately turn to Photoshop and make a raster image. What they don't know is that many of these same results can be done in Illustrator, as quickly -- and with more precision -- than they can be done in Photoshop


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How to Create a Search on My Website for FLV Videos

Searching your website for FLV video files can be done with any commercial search engine. This process allows you to quickly view how many FLV video files are hosted on your website. You can also embed a search engine into the HTML code of your websites pages using Javascript. If you plan on embeddi

How to Open an XML File from the Cache with PHP

PHP has a caching feature that lets you retrieve documents such as XML documents from a computer's cache. Web browsers store a copy of downloaded and viewed content in a folder on a user's computer. Caching speeds up loading time for a computer Web page or XML file, because the user's computer does

How to Encode a Video to AVI

Any digital video can be encoded into another format such as AVI. In addition to being compatible with a variety of media players, several file conversion applications support AVI as an output format. iWisoft Free Video Converter and Aura Video Converter are two types of freeware that can re-format

Facebook Game Development

With the advent of Facebook game development platform, a new platform for online gamers has evolved. Game development on social networking sites is not a new concept on the social media platform. Sites like MySpace and others also offer online games for social media game enthusiasts.


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How to Add Windows Media Player in the Toolbar With a Tweak

The Windows toolbar (also called the taskbar) contains a list of quick shortcuts, the system tray and the Start button. You can pin a program to the toolbar using a quick tweak available in the Windows operating system. Windows 7 allows you to pin your favorite software applications, including the M

Superior Grade Dedicated PPC Services From The Experts

The contemporary corporate world has experienced a lot of developments as far as the policies and business strategies are concerned. The market trends for diverse types of services and products are also changing fast. So, ...

How to Convert AVI to a VCD DVD

VCD stands for "video compact disk." VCD is comparable to a VHS tape in quality; however, it can only hold a maximum of 80 minutes of video time. AVI is an acronym for Audio Video Interleave and was developed by Microsoft for its Windows program. Although developed in the '90s, it is still used wide

Dynamics GP SQL Scripting and Reporting

If you are experienced SQL developer or Microsoft SQL DBA with reasonable exposure to Transact SQL ad-hoc querying and if you are working for the organization, where Corporate ERP system is implemente

How to Make an Underline on Microsoft Word

Underlining text provides extra emphasis, signalling to the reader that the underlined section holds particular significance or importance. You can also use underlining for headings, titles, captions and other organizational features; the underlining visually differentiates the heading from the basi

improve your internet dramatically!

Every internet user loves to download their favorite music, movie or game files. The idea is to save time on large files and access those materials even in offline mode. Here comes a name ''. ...