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Forum Promotion Done the Right Way

Surefire Methods to Promote and Build Your Forum The idea of building a forum from scratch and turning it into a large and successful enterprise may seem challenging. While it takes some time and hard ...

Is Your Site's Success a Sign of Impending Downtime?

You came up with the perfect business idea. You designed your site and put it live on the Web. You advertised and marketed just as you were supposed to. All of your efforts paid off ...

How to Share a PGP Key

Pretty Good Privacy or PGP, is an encryption algorithm used to secure various forms of electronic communication such as files and email. If you are concerned about your privacy online and want to prevent people from snooping, PGP is a useful piece of software with which to become familiar. Distrib

Pros & Cons of Pop-Up Ads on the Internet

Pop-up ads have a tendency to evoke immense frustration in the internet surfer.Mensch und Computer 4 image by Sven Rausch from Fotolia.comPop-up ads have become a common source of advertising for companies online. These pesky ads have a tendency to plague the computer screen when not...

How to Check My Wireless Internet Service When It Is Slow

Wireless Internet service is a convenient way to browse the Internet from every area of your home. Sometimes problems occur that make the connection slow. When this happens, run a connection test to pinpoint where the problem stems from. Call your Internet service provider to run connection tests, o

How to Send a Mailing List

A mailing list is often known as a "distribution list" or "address list," depending on the version of Microsoft Outlook you are using. It is essentially a compilation of contacts that you want to keep under one single group. This allows you to send out specific messages to a specific group of people

Dial Up Modem Error Codes

Dial-up modems use error codes to report problems.internet modem image by Dragan Stankovic from Fotolia.comDial-up modems have hundreds of error codes for reporting specific problems. Knowing the meaning of these codes and how they are categorized takes some of the guesswork out of...

Blogging: Free Internet Marketing Method

It has been some time since blogging has been used. But it is not that long since it has been observed as one of the most addictive fads. A lot of the youth have turned ...

What Gear is Needed for a Wireless Home Network?

This article explains how to build a wireless home network. Pick a wireless design that's right for you, then choose the appropriate hardware, and install and configure your new wireless network.

What is a Peer to Peer Computer Network?

Peer to peer networks share responsibility for processing data among all of the connected devices. Peer-to-peer networking (also known simply as peer networking) differs from client-server networking in several respects.

How To Get Traffic To Your Website

If you are an internet marketer, you will only have one aim; how to get traffic to your website. But how can an internet marketer gets traffic to his website? Traffic is sometimes slow or ...

How to Make a Different Emotions on Facebook

When you chat with your friends on Facebook, one way to quickly express your emotions is to us emoticons, or smilies. Facebook has a list of emoticons that you can use. You can find a partial list in the Facebook help center. Facebook encourages users to experiment to see if other combinations produ

How to Find the IP Address of a Remote Computer

IP address is a unique 32-bit address assigned to each computer on the Internet, and is the central component of the TCP/IP network protocol. An IP address is usually written as a quartet of integer numbers (e.g. Also, a computer typically has a hostname that is easier to memorize and

How Do I Create a Web 2.0 Website?

The Internet can be a powerful tool to promote a personal website, business or organization. In building a website, anyone can send vast amounts of information out onto the World Wide Web at little cost. The easiest way to build a website (without completing several hours of classes in HTML editing)

What to Look for in a CRM Program

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a strategy used by companies to interact with their customers. CRM methodologies are customer-oriented and focused on building solid customer relationships and maintaining a loyal customer base. CRM computer systems automate processes and make communication