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Google Mail- Free Web Based Mailing Service

Google mail is the free web based mailing service of the Google group. The service was introduced in 2007 and since then the public has greatly changed their mailing servers from other companies to Google. ...

3 Tested Strategies to Fix Conversion Rate Problems

There are numerous challenges for that website, even the highest all face is achieving a good conversion rate. Given why not try these strong tips to help you out in boosting your conversion rate and ...

How to Choose a Dedicated Server for Your Business?

Choosing a dedicated server can be a wise move, but it comes with certain cost implications too; here's a quick insight into the parameters that need to be noticed while opting for a dedicated server.

How to Use a Modem as a Fax Machine

There are two main reasons to use your modem as a fax machine. The first is, of course, because you don't have a traditional fax machine. The second reason is that it's just easier. You don't have to get up from your computer to send your fax, so you can obtain the same result in a shorter period of

Make Money Fast Online – Is It Really Possible?

Many people have been wondering if they can really make money fast while within the comforts of their own. Who wouldn't want a great system like this? Everyone needs cash nowadays, and turning to the ...

Gain Huge Profit with Google AdWords Banners

Google AdWords is considered as one of the main source of revenue for Google and a great medium of advertising for the online business owners. Among several kinds of advertisements, banner ad is one o

How to Write Headlines That Convert

Writing headlines that convert is not rocket science; anyone with a basic understanding can create headlines that get good results. However, many marketers still tend to fail at writing killer headlines, and that's mainly because ...

How to Get Twitter Tools to Post My Real URL

Twitter Tools is a Wordpress plugin that you can add to the home-page display of your personal or commercial website. The plugin itself is particularly useful because it integrates your Twitter account with your website. Although your full Twitter or website URL is not displayed within the tweets, y

How to Embed a Web Address Under Text

Each Web page is unambiguously identified by its address. The original motivation behind the creation of the World Wide Web was to insert links ("hyperlinks") associated to graphical elements within the context of a page. When the user clicks a graphical element, the browser navigates to the Web add

Create a Digital Edition Using ePageView

Transform your PDF documents into stunning, eye attracting ,dynamic, interactive, reader driven digital flipping editions with ePageView. Your documents will come alive with your desired embedded vide

WordPress Optimization

One of the worst things to do when optimizing a word press blog is to back link to the homepage (unless that page is a static page). A WordPress homepage is usually a page where ...