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How to Upgrade OEM to a Volume License

OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer and is a form of software that software manufacturers make available for computer makers to put on their systems at a discount with no technical support from the software maker. Volume licensing can cover all the computers in an organization or just par

How to Fix Shlwapi.dll

The shlwapi.dll file is critical component of the Microsoft Shell program. If the shlwapi.dll file is corrupt, you'll notice error messages such as "shlwapi.dll Not Found" and "The file shlwapi.dll is missing." Problems with the file occur within Windows XP Service Pack 2 operating systems. The shlw

What Is Swhelper in Task Manager?

Swhelper.exe is an automatic updater for Adobe Shockwave Player, which is a multimedia playback application used for viewing some Web-based multimedia files, such as videos. It is similar to Flash Player, but some Web designers use Flash while others prefer Shockwave.

Virtual PC Alternative

Microsoft Virtual PC and its successor Windows Virtual PC allow Windows users to install virtual machines for running a second operating system from within Windows. While Virtual PC works well as a free virtual machine platform, it limits pre-configured virtual machines to older Windows installation

How to Install IPX on Windows XP

Internetwork Packet Exchange (IPX) provides Novell networks with a communication protocol. IPX is used in traditional Novell Netware networks. Many networks use TCP/IP, which is also the protocol for the Internet. However, Novell Netware is still found in some older corporate networks that have not

How to Create a Shutdown Icon for Vista 64-Bit

A Windows Vista shortcut can be created to quickly shutdown the computer. Windows Start menu offers 7 different options to exiting Vista. A shortcut can be used instead of browsing through the start menu to find the shutdown button.

How to Choose House Windows

Choosing windows for your home is a big decision. Most likely, you'll have these windows for many years, and choosing the right windows can add value and comfort to your home. You should make sure the windows you choose fit your needs and your budget, and you should also make sure they fit with the

How to Disable Your Taskbar Settings

The taskbar is the gateway to many of the tools and features of Windows operating systems. It contains the Start menu, the Quick Launch bar and the Notification Tray, all of which are important to different computer operations. Specific features and parts of the Windows taskbar can be enabled and di

How to Print Out Lists in Windows 2008 Explorer

There may be times when you need to print a list of the files in a folder in Windows Explorer. This option is not available in Windows, but you can create a batch file that will allow you to print out lists in Windows 2008 Explorer without having to download any third party software.

How to Customize Folder Icons in Windows XP

Of the many operating systems that have come and gone, perhaps the most widely used of them all was Windows XP. This is because this program allows for total customization, letting users create file folders that have customized icons, amongs a variety of other useful features.

How to Dual Boot Vista

So you want to try Windows 7, but you cannot get rid of Vista yet. Or maybe you need some backward compatibility and want to dual boot Vista with Windows XP. Alternatively, you could try out an open source operating system like Ubuntu Linux or FreeBSD. Whatever the case, it is difficult for you to f

How to Reinstall My Dvd and CD Drivers for Windows XP Operating System

Drivers are necessary for Windows XP to read an installed CD or DVD drive. Without the driver, the computer will not detect the device, meaning that the CD or DVD drive will not run.Sometimes, drivers can become corrupted or a virus or other malicious code can infect the Windows XP opera

Setting Advanced Features in Award BIOS

Your PC uses its BIOS during the boot process because the program contains vital information for your computer, such as the kind of processor used by your machine or which hard drive to boot from. Award is one of three modern BIOS chips manufacturers. The others are AMI and Phoenix. Changing your BI

How to Convert to ANSI

Plain-text files are usually composed from the American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII) character set. ASCII includes 128 characters such as English alphabet letters, numbers and other symbols, for example a comma or question mark. However, some texts may also contain non-ASCII sym

How to Block Port 123 Windows XP

A utility known as Windows Firewall is included in the installation for Windows XP and other Microsoft operating systems. The Windows Firewall is used to protect computers from hacking and unauthorized access from outside specified security parameters. Administrative users have the ability to block

How to Remove Twex.exe

Removing the twex.exe file from your computer, along with any file associated with it, can prevent a third party from stealing the passwords stored on your computer and accessing the contents of your hard drive. Twex.exe is one of the files which the ZBot.L virus copies on your computer when it inst

How do I Reboot Windows XP if I Lost the CD?

Reloading and reinstalling the XP operating system is necessary when the system is infected with viruses or other system errors. Accomplish this in the absence of a dedicated XP installation CD by running the install program directly from the hard drive of your computer. This will "reboot" the integ

How to Connect Linux to Windows Mobile 6

Windows Mobile 6 is one of several versions of Windows Mobile that run on smart phones and other pocket PCs. It synchronizes with Windows using either a Bluetooth or a USB dongle connection and the ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Sync Center software. If you run Linux, connecting and syncing with a Win

How to Set Up Your Ethernet Adapter With Windows XP

Setting up a new Ethernet adapter with Windows XP requires more work than just opening up your computer and plugging the card into a free slot. That is only the first half of what you need to do in order to get your computer hooked up to the Internet. The rest of the process involves installing th

How to Restore a Lost Standby Button in XP

Standby is a low power state in which all system content and data are stored in the computer's memory. When your Windows XP computer is in standby, most of the system's components are turned off, thus saving your battery power. Occasionally, you may notice that the Standby setting disappears from th