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What To Look For Before You Purchase A Refurbished Computer

Refurbished desktop computers are giving consumers a cheaper alternative to brand new desktops and laptops. In a time when everyone is scrambling for ways to save money and bring down expenses, it is really wise ...

Sony S Series Laptops Specs

The Sony VAIO VPCSB1BGX/B is a laptop computer that runs on the Windows 7 Professional operating system. It is part of Sony's S-series, a line of consumer-oriented laptops. According to Laptop magazine, the S-series is ideal for the consumer who is seeking an attractive, lightweight laptop that's ea

Finding the Best Cheap All in One Printers

There is a huge range of cheap all in one printers available today. Learn how you can use multifunction printer reviews and more to find the best ones available.

How to Update Memory Timings in the BIOS

When you purchase new RAM modules, installing them into your computer's motherboard is the first but not necessarily the last step. The addition of new memory components sometimes requires a little more involvement. Although most motherboards detect your memory timings automatically, tweaking the se

Parts of DVD Kiosk Machines

DVD kiosk machines are placed in areas that are convenient for customers. Grocery and convenience stores are the most common locations. Getting a DVD movie at one of these locations saves time in driving to a movie rental shop. These machines are intricate computer systems with many parts, and most

Difference Between Cable Tray Cable & Underground Conduit Cable

Cabling exists in large numbers within virtually every modern home and business. These cables carry communications, data, power and more. Businesses especially need a way transport data from different pieces of equipment. This web of cabling is usually kept out of site. Hidden behind walls, ceilings

How to Fix: "An Error Occurred During Directory Enumeration" Error Message

If you happen to have trouble installing Windows updates, there may be any number of reasons for this. However, the most common reason is the fact that you have no files in the Windows or INF directory. In this case, your computer will still be able to boot and operate, but it cannot update your sys

Tips For Choosing an LCD Monitor

If you're looking at buying a new LCD Monitor for a computer, then there's a huge range of LCD Monitors around at the moment - different screen sizes, resolutions, different inputs, outputs, widescreens, high definition, you name it, it seems to exist. It's no surprise then that a lot

How to Install a Printer for Vista Photo Gallery

The Windows Vista Photo Gallery comes pre-installed as a standard photo viewing program on Windows Vista. You can view, edit, share and print photos from the Vista Photo Gallery. In order to print from Vista Photo Gallery you need to have at least one printer installed on your computer. If you alrea

Types of KVM

Keyboard visual and monitor (KVM) switches provide input capability to several computers at the same time with a single keyboard, mouse and monitor. It is generally a physical hardware device, although software versions are available. Several types are available including both network and USB versio

Dell Inspiron i15R-1974MRB 156-Inch pc (Mars Black) Reviews

May Dell Inspiron i15R-1974MRB 15.Six-Inch pc (Mars Black) impress you?? Dell Inspiron i15R-1974MRB 15.Six-Inch pc (Mars Black) Currently complete your each day duties upon new Dell Inspiron i15R-1974MRB, this pc is truly trendy and also ...

How to Create in PowerISO

PowerISO is a virtual CD program that is free for you to download. You can use this program to create ISO files using real CD and DVD disks. An ISO file is a virtual backup of a real disk. Creating an ISO from a disk allows you to either burn the ISO to a blank disc to make a physical backup copy, o

What Is an IEEE 1394 Card?

An IEEE 1394 card, also called a FireWire card, is a computer hardware device that allows a computer to use IEEE 1394 technology. IEEE 1394 is data transfer technology similar to universal serial bus (USB) technology.

How to Buy a Computer Online

One of the best things about buying a computer online is the price and the second is not having to deal with pushy sales people. Yet, purchasing a PC online is not without risks, especially when using an unknown vendor. These tips can help you buy a computer online with confidence.

How to Refill HP 17 Color Ink Cartridges

HP 17 color cartridges are used in a number of HP office and home printers, including the HP DeskJet 825, 840, 841, 842, 843 and 845. Refilling these cartridges is quite simple. However, you must be careful, especially if this is the first time you are refilling a cartridge. It is best to refill it

How to Connect Two Monitors to One CPU

You must have at least two video display ports on your PC to run two monitors. Examine the panel of your CPU to see which connections you have. Video Graphics Array (VGA), Digital Video Interface (DVI), S-Video and High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) are common on most modern computers. You

USB Oscilloscopes Use Computer Interface to Provide Outstanding Data Recovery

USB oscilloscopes are available in a number of designs. You will find standard versions, for basic uses, plus more sophisticated and highly accurate products, that offer extra capability along with fine detail. This kind of diversity helps make the USB oscilloscope well suited for a variety of disci

Businesses Join the Laserjet Revolution

Laserjet printers can be regarded as some of the best printers on the current market. The combination of high speed, high quality and low cost is what marks them as one of the most popular choices for businesses today.

How Do I Boot a Vista Computer?

Windows Vista is loaded by the basic input/output system (BIOS) when the computer is turned on. BIOS is a small program installed in the computer's memory that regulates system functions at the sub-operating system level. Windows Vista itself has several boot options that can be chosen by the user b