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ATX Motherboard Specifications

A standard ATX motherboardmotherboard image by Ivonne Wierink from Fotolia.comThe ATX motherboard form factor was created in 1995 by Intel in order to improve on the AT form factor, which had been created by IBM. The AT form factor had never been formalized, though it had become a de...

How to Make Cable Internet Wireless

Cable Internet is considered high-speed internet, meaning that it is fast enough to play games, stream videos and download files in a fast, efficient manner. If you live in a household or building with more than one computer, you can use a wireless router to split this internet signal up and allow m

Ink Cartridges - Single Color or Multicolor?

Most printer manufacturers offer tons of new printer models every year. With so many options available, consumers may find it difficult to decide which model is best for them. One factor to consider is the ...

How to Change the Cursor on Mouseover

You can code your website to make the cursor style change each time a visitor moves the mouse over a section of text. This can help to make certain pieces of text on a web page stand out, such as a link. The default command for dictating a cursor style in CSS is "cursor:type" where the word "type" i

The Major Components That Make Up a Computer

In this article I give a high level overview of all the major components of a computer - the computer hardware. This information is useful for anyone who wants to be able to repair or upgrade their computer, or just wants to have a basic understanding of how a computer works.

How to Locate Backgrounds on People

Background checks provide a wealth of personal information. Most of the information revealed through these checks is a matter of public record; however, these searches allow access to this data to anyone willing to search. Informal searches cal lead to information that is not necessarily a matter of

How to Connect a N64 Controller to a PC

As the economy gets worse, video games and their consoles get more expensive. This has led to more video gamers turning back the clock and playing some old school video games on their computer with emulators that play old Nintendo 64 games. But playing Nintendo 64 games isn't the same without a Nint

Using Your Laptop Charger to Extend Battery Life

So you have a laptop computer and you use it a lot for work, school, surfing the web or playing games. It is nice to take with you so that you can take care of tasks when at home, on the road, in a cafe or in the office. However, a laptop charger is a crucial part of the capability to transport your

MICR Ink Cartridges - Advantages of On-Demand Check Printing

Cutting costs and keeping control of business accounts is a good way to increase efficiencies and reduce fraud. When a company outsources check writing there is little control once the proper payroll records are submitted. If, however, a company were able to use a mobile on-demand check writing unit

How to Install a Broadxent Modem Driver

Before you can navigate the Internet or access your email using your Broadxent modem, you must first install the modem's driver. The driver bridges the connection between the modem and your computer's Windows operating system. Without the driver, your Broadxent modem is not seen by your computer. Th

Preparing a Professional Resume on the Laser Printer

For many people, the difference between a sloppy resume and a professional one may be as significant as getting the job you want or not. If you are unsure about your resume, one good idea is to check with a friend that you can trust for honest advice about whether they think it looks good or not. Th

How to Convert a Flash Drive From FAT to NTFS in Vista

When you buy a flash drive in the store, it is automatically formatted in the FAT or FAT32 file format. FAT, and FAT32, use less space, but NTFS allows you to set security and permissions on your drive. NTFS also allows you to copy larger files to the drive. You may have tried to reformat the drive

How to Hook Up a SATA Hard Drive to an Old PC

The SATA interface for hard drives is a newer interface and is not compatible with older computers. Older computers are equipped only with IDE interfaces. To add a SATA hard drive to these computers, you will need to set up an adapter from SATA to IDE. Alternatively, if your computer has a PCI bus,

How to Install an HP 1115 PS Printer

The 1115 PS is part of Hewlett Packard's Photosmart printer series. The Photosmart printers feature the ability to print high resolution pictures on photo paper, as well as print documents in both black and white and color. You can install the 1115 PS using the installation CD that originally came w

The way to Increase Wifi Range for less!

When you've got a wireless community, you may really think the way to increase wifi range to ensure that your connection may be further from the most common complications like repeated decrease of signal, sluggish ...

HP Laptop Video Problems

Laptop owners sometimes encounter problems with their computers that require troubleshooting. There are a number of known video problems associated with the HP brand of laptop computers.

Uses Of TI 30XA Calculator

TI 30XA calculator is a Texas instrument scientific calculator released in 1996 and used for solving different types of scientific and trigonometric problems. TI-30Xa gives display in only one line. It gives answers in 10 ...

How to Watch TV on a Wireless Laptop

Your laptop allows you to take all the entertainment comforts of home with you in a small, easy to carry package of music, Internet and even TV. If you find yourself wanting the entertainment of your favorite shows while away from home, you can easily get what you want by using your wireless Interne

How Long Does It Take to Defragment a Computer?

What Is Defragmenting?Over time, as files are repeatedly accessed and saved, the pieces of the files become spread out across the hard drive. When the computer writes to the hard drive disk, it looks for the next available block of available space to save a file or file changes to. This...