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How to Repair a Hard Drive in DOS

The MS-DOS command line (the Command Prompt program) is useful for running applications on your computer without having to open or use a graphical user interface. With the command line program, you can run a check on your hard drive with the chkdsk application, which can find and repair bad sectors

Remote Desktop Support Honor For Innovative Network

Social interaction through remote desktop support proves ideal IT based application for smart dealings with leading business class. Irrespective of investment, you can arrange managed infrastructure as per networking requirements of your business. Privileged tool of information technology brings com

How to Troubleshoot a Recurring Printer Jam

There are a variety of things that can gum up the gears of a printer and cause recurring jams. Though you might be tempted to solve the problem by tossing your printer out the window, here are some more effective approaches to diagnosing and solving the problem.

The Fascination of Apple

One of the largest technology companies on this planet is Apple. They are the creators of many of the products we use in our everyday lives such as the iPod and the iPhone. Whenever Apple releases a new product, they have a lot of market hype.

USB Power Adapter Specifications

USB is a source of electrical power as well as data.Riou/Brand X Pictures/Getty ImagesUniversal Serial Bus (USB) has become the default hardware connector for computer peripherals; so much so that it is now common for non-computer related devices to be equipped with a USB connector for...

How to Install a Notebook Graphics Card

Installing a laptop graphics card is a relatively simple task, even for those who are unfamiliar with computer hardware. However, extreme caution must be exercised, as the internal components of a notebook computer are not meant to be exposed for long. It will help to have your laptop's instruction

How to Disable the Touchpad on an HP Notebook

With the first Hewlett-Packard laptop and attached touchpad came the ability to disable said touchpad. The touchpad is the smooth surface, usually located below the keyboard, that allows you to glide and use your finger as a mouse. If you have a mouse attached to your USB drive, the touchpad can bec

Gift of FREE Ink Cartridges With Multipack Offers

We would all like to be able to get free ink cartridges when we place an order, it would certainly cut down on the cost of our cartridges. It's all about being smart in the ...

Professional CD Packaging For a Professional Touch

While looking for professional DVD and CD duplication services providers, people generally prefer to go for a company which also provides quality CD Packaging. Along with DVD and CD duplication, CD packaging is also a specialized job. This article throws light on the importance of CD packaging.

How to Fix a Dell 640M Touchpad Button

The touchpad on the Dell Inspiron 640M is built into the palmrest. Since the touchpad is integrated into a major part of the notebook, replacing the component in case it fails requires replacing the entire top cover. Most often, however, problems with the touchpad or its buttons can be resolved thro

How to Turn on a Sound Device

Once you have an audio device connected to your computer system and all the required drivers install, you need to power on the equipment to ensure the computer plays through or detects the audio device. Although this typically only takes a few minor adjustments, you may need to edit settings inside

How to Set Master & Slave Jumpers on Your Computer

If you want to add a CD/DVD drive or hard drive to your computer, installing the drive in the machine and connecting the cables is only half the battle. In order for the computer to recognize the new drive, you will need to configure the jumper settings on the unit.Jumpers ar

How to Connect a Printer to a PC

When you purchase a new printer for your home computer the first task is to connect it to your computer so that they work together. Many of the printers on the market today require that you install the driver prior to connecting the printer to the computer. These printers are most often printers tha

How To Upgrade a CPU in a ZE5165

CPUs are commonly upgraded because of the significant impact a faster processor has on your computer's performance. Replacing your HP Pavilion's CPU can be risky since it is attached to your motherboard. Replacing your HP ze5100-Series CPU means completely dismantling the laptop, and removing most o

How to Replace the Keyboard on a Sony Vaio Vgn-Fe770g

Replacing certain components on a Sony Vaio laptop, such as the hard drive or memory module, is a little more difficult than on a regular laptop because some disassembly of the computer is involved. However, the keyboard on the Vaio VGN-FE770g can be removed without any disassembly. No technical kno

How to Assemble the Door on a BB4 Pelco

The BB4 Pelco is a security camera that mounts to a ceiling. If you go into a grocery store you are likely to see little black domes protruding down from the ceiling. The domes are actually the doors that cover the security camera. The doors are black so unsuspecting criminals have no idea which dir

How to Access the BIOS Menu on a Dell Laptop

Dell laptop computers, like all computers, have a BIOS (Basic Input Output System) menu that can be accessed to make changes to some of the most basic processes on the computer. The key used to access the BIOS is displayed for a few seconds when the computer first starts up, but if you don't know wh

How To Choose A Laser Photo Printer

Printers have come a long way in the past few years. They have also come down in price as well, which is always nice. Here is a look at a few of your choices and a little more about what to look for in picking out the right laser photo printer for your particular needs.