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How to Use P-H Chart 134A

The pressure-enthalpy, or PH, diagram for refrigeration is used by engineers, designers and service technicians to determine how refrigerant moves through a refrigeration system. The diagram predicts system conditions such as pressure and temperature. This information helps the user know if things a

How to Make Oil-Based Paints

Creating your own oil paints is easier and faster than you may think. Instead of purchasing oil paints from a store, you can purchase the right items to make different colored oil paints as you need them. It only takes a few minutes and some materials may already be laying around your home.

Step-by-Step Dog Face Paint

Well-thought-out face paint is the crowning glory to many good costumes. Face paint stirs young imaginations, encourages dramatic play and is a grand lot of fun for adults. Everybody loves a friendly dog; learning dog face painting techniques can make you the hit of the next craft fair, picnic or co

The Best Paints for Stucco & Elastomeric

Stucco walls have been popular for centuries, but in recent years stucco has found fresh appeal as a finish coat to a new generation of home building technologies such as Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) and Structural Integrated Panels (SIPs). In this 21st century context, stucco is not simply an a

How to Paint Skaven

Skaven are miniature figurines based on a race of man-sized rat-creatures featured in the Warhammer Fantasy setting created by Games Workshop. If you try to paint directly over bare, unconditioned Skaven figurines, the finish won't hold up to consistent handling. Because they're made of plastic, the

How to Remove Paint From Door Hardware

The easiest way to keep paint off door handles, locks and hinges is to remove the hardware before painting or covering it with painter’s tape. Not all painters do that, however, leaving a mess that ruins the door's appearance. Paint can also ruin the look of antique doorknobs. However, paint c

How to Paint Birch Plywood

Birch plywood possesses a light yet hard veneer that takes paint well, making it ideal for painted furniture and other applications where durability and a clean finish are required. All the supplies needed are widely available at paint and home improvement stores. For better durability, consider usi

How to Paint Flowers in Oil

The vibrant colors and pleasing shapes of a floral arrangement have been a favorite subject for artists throughout the ages. As a decorative accent to complement a living space, an oil painting, with the vivid colors and contrasts that the medium provides, is a classic element for interior design. T

How to Draw a Ribbon or Bow

Drawing a bow is quite simple and easy. Once you get the hang of drawing a basic bow, you can draw more complex and unique bows. Bows are commonly drawn items, especially in storybooks and animation (think princesses). Different textures and colors can be used, and two or more loops can be used. Lea

How to Draw Tackle Boxes and Fishing Poles

Tackle boxes and fishing poles are the mainstay tools of both pro and weekend fisherfolk. The basic geometrical shapes that comprise both tools are easy to recognize, even on first glance. If your approach to drawing makes use of boxes and cylinders, drawing tackle boxes and fishing poles should pre

How to Set a Stage Backdrop for the 1940s

Certain, recognizable pop culture and historical elements make the 1940s a memorable era. You can construct a stage backdrop to reflect the 1940s era by incorporating the themes and events with which it is widely associated. For example, the 1940s are known as the big band era, during which large-sc

How to Draw People Online Step-by-Step

"Figure drawing" is the term artists use to refer to drawing people. They undertake this kind of drawing with a variety of approaches, many of which seek to duplicate the correct proportions of a particular human model. Other approaches try to capture and communicate the action of a figure rather th

Crime and Punishment

Color cover artwork for Crime and Punishment, adapted by Osamu Tezuka

Characteristics of Woodblock Print

A woodblock print is often a work of art in modern times. In antiquity, woodblocks were how books, diagrams and maps were reproduced, originating in China and spreading to other parts of Asia. Examples of fine woodblock prints come frequently from Japan. Woodblock printing of books is seldom used