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Teach Me to Trade Without the Risks

When I say risks, what I am basically saying is that you don't lose money, money that can be used to put food on the table and take care of your daily expenses. Old problems were that new traders had no choice. They took the lip service from seasoned traders and their brokers and just ran with

How to Determine Net Income From Dividends Paid & Retained Earnings

Some companies pay shareholders dividends from after-tax net income, which is the difference between sales and expenses. Dividends are not expenses. They come from retained earnings, which is a balance sheet account that accumulates a company's net income. A company's statement of retained earnings

Pitfalls to Avoid in Real Estate

Real estate can be a great investment, if you are careful and play your cards right. But, unfortunately, there are a few mistakes that people make when they are first getting into buying and selling ...

Salaries of an Editor, Proofreader & Writer

Salary is a big concern when you are looking for a new position in any field. It is always important that you know what you can expect to make and whether the pay for a job you are interested in is considered fair. When it comes to writing, editing and proofreading, you will find many variables that

How the 401k Tax Deduction Works

The first thing to understand about how the 401k tax deduction works is that it's not actually a "deduction". While it does deduct from your income for this year, it's more a deferral until you reach retirement.

Gold Production Company Stocks on the Rise

Market indicators show an upward trend in gold production companies' stock prices. This article will review this current trend, and also evaluate why gold stocks and gold production company s

Sense of Optimism in the Australian Real Estate Market

Australia has become a top draw for property investors due to bright prospect in real estate market. The market offers a huge profit making opportunities to the investors as the properties guarantees higher returns with ...

Secondary Locations - A Great Deal or a Great Flop?

Have you ever been tempted to buy a property in a great suburb that just happens to be on a main road or next to a busy shop? What are the risks of buying property in what's termed a 'secondary location'.

Ideas for Online Money Investing

Like many financial activities, including paying bills and sending checks, investing money has gone online. People with some extra cash or quite a bit to spare can indulge in a variety of investments that, while always a gamble, may provide a opportunity for big returns. With just an Internet connec

What Investors Should Know About Making 1031 Exchanges Outside US

As a real estate investor, you probably are aware of the advantages of a 1031 exchange over outright sale of a property. An exchange defers your capital gains taxes, keeps your money working for you, and helps to build equity and maximize your returns. But 1031 exchanges are allowed not only for the

Making A Responsible Investment Property Checklist

Evaluating an investment property checklist makes for a responsive approach to purchasing property. This makes for an easier and better approach to qualifying different properties for consideration.

Live in Paradise: Move to La Quinta

Imagine being able to live a life of pure luxury; where you are able to have your ever desire fulfilled and feel like you are living on a permanent vacation. Well, that is exactly what ...

Investing for Retirement With Your Home

Find information on buying a home with an eye towards retirement. Lean how purchasing a home can be used as savings vehicle to create wealth for your golden years.